Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life on the Hunter Farm

Been hanging with my sister and her family. It has been good for me to get away but someing here always reminds me of how good I have it and that I DONT have to live here. the girls are always fighting, the parents bicker and it is a stesfful environment all around. But like now I am hiding out upstairs and it is good and quiet and peaceful. Too bad it cant alwys stay that way.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Space in time


Shake head

sigh again

Back to me

So I live my life as days go by
and try not to cry or scream
the undersides of me are not allowed to come out
no one ever wants me

they only want the good parts
but don't want the parts that and underseen
they want the me that gives them what they want
but no one ever wants all of me

my heart is sad
I feel so hurt
why can't you jsut talk to me
when will the day come
that you feel safe
that you feel safe with me

you want the love
you want the sex
you want the care and concern
you want the commitment
you want the milk you just don't want me