Friday, February 27, 2015

Soundtrack and a Score

Music moves me. Not like it moves a lot of people, but it moves me in such a way that every lyric, every line has meaning for me.

I have sent You Tube Videos and songs from Spotify or Pandora to people and they are like "um, ok, thanks" in the way that they don't get it. The don't get why I sent them that song. They don't get it, because they don't listen. They don't listen to the lyrics and they don't listen with their heart.

To me, music is buried deep within my soul.

Every song, every lyric has meaning to me.

Some songs make me happy, their beat, their words, everything about it. I feel alive and energized when I hear them. I want to dance in my car or have a dance party at home because of them.

Some songs make me sad and move me to remember saddness in my life, like the loss of a loved one, in death or in life, the loss of a friend or the loss of a love in my life through breakups or divorce.

Other songs, reach deep into my soul and move me to the core. Their essence is alive in me. I want to share it. I want someone else to know how I feel.

And then there are songs I want to share. Those things are songs that have meaning and that I desire to share with others. However, there are not many people I CAN share with because most people don't GET IT.

If you find yourself among those I share a song with and you don't WANT me to do that or don't understand why, please let me know. If you are someone I share a somng with and you DO GET IT and like that, please also let me know.

Music is important to me.

I live my life with a soundtrack in my head a score in my soul

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Roles We Play

For all my life I have done what others asked of me. I played the role others asked of me. I played the role of the doting daughter. I played the role of the good niece. I played the role of a great friend, there for everyone. I did the dishes when told. I cleaned my room when I was asked. I was there for my friends when they needed me. I did what I was told and what was expected of me. I was a good girl. I didn't break outta the house or sneak away to go see boys. Hell, I didn't even have my first kiss until I was nearly 18 and didn't date until well after that. I was a slow bloomer so it was ok to do all the things I was told to do. Then I turned 18 and I bloomed...

From that moment on I had a new role to play.

I had the role of the head turning woman. I had the role of the stunning, breath catcher. I had the role of the confidant female. I had the role of the sensual woman. I had the role of the someone that mattered to others.

I was no longer the ugly duckling. I was no longer the girl no one ever saw. Now, I was the woman that people took notice to.

With this new role came on other responsibilities, of course.With this role I was to act calm, cool, collected. With this role I was supposed to be the woman that held it together. With this role, I am expected to be ok with guys hooting and hollering at me. With this role I am expected to be ok with guys making passes at me, married or not. With this role, I am expected to be not just ok with my beauty, but exude it.

I know I am beautiful.

I am not haughty about it or egotistical. It is a fact.

I once was the girl no one looked at....and now I am the woman everyone sees.

Sometimes being beautiful is like fame. I hear people tell me things like "Oh to be as beautiful as you!" or "You are stunning!" and then when they find out I am actually ten years older than they thought I was, they are really stunned.

I am graceful and say thank you because that is what is expected.

If you think a beautiful girl has no worries you are wrong.

It is like a standard that you live up to. It is like being a celebrity.

and it is not easy.

Sometimes I have wished to be the girl back in the corner of the party no one ever saw. Until about a dozen former high school boys tell you that they DID see you but were too shy to say anything to you. Oh well, there goes that idea.

Once you have beauty, life changes.

Friends, Guys I used to be able to hang out with now are constantly making passes at me. A business meeting can slowly turn into shared thoughts of dreams a man had about me. There are times I avoid my male friends because I don't want to have to deal with these kinds of issues. I just want to talk to my friend. I just want to hang out, play games, or watch them play ball, or something. Sometimes I just want to have a drink and it mean nothing. It means I am having a drink. Not hey, I wanna sleep with you.

Then there is the flip side of the male coin....their wives or girlfriends or mothers. I really do want to be the female they feel comfortable with, but I am just, well..NOT. I am not because I have something they don't. I have "je ne se quoi" I have that thing, that thing you can't quite put your finger on. I believe it is my savor for life, honestly.

It is no secret my father passed when I was young. I learned hard and fast, life is short, you gotta live it while you can. No one will ever be able to say that I didn't live a full and fabulous life, because I did in every way I could and I still am.

Most people live this bleak existence of life, doing what everyone tells them to do. But I don't. I live life on MY terms. and that's exciting, I don't care who you are!

How often do I hear "You are unique. You are so different than other woman I have met. You are so real, so raw so authentic" Yes. Yes, I am.

So, that is the role I play. The role of the woman every man wants to be around and the woman everyone wants to be. If that isn't like fame, then I don't know what fame is.

Just remember, with that sort of fame comes responsibilities.

Responsibilities like being ok when a man tells you his wife thinks he is having an affair with you and all you did was have lunch with him.

Suddenly I am a threat. I am a threat to their life, their son, their husband, their marriage.

Well, maybe this is too real for the world, but you wanna know what I think?

Take care of the grass on your lawn and your man won't keep looking on the other side of the fence. Grass grows where it is watered.

I can't help it if someone thinks that. I was just being me. I was playing the role of me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sarcasm: I don't Get It

I don't get sarcasm. I mean honestly. Just say what you want to say. Don't beat around the bush or say odd or weird things. Don't say "That was a NICE way to put it!" in a snarky tone. Just say "I am offended and didn't like the way you said that to me." I get that. I understand that.

Someone please explain to me why even use sarcasm and what it's purpose is because personally, I think it is just rude

HandWash or Dishwash? The Retro Vintage Housewife's Dilemma

Oh me oh my...what to do, what to do....

In today's time of the future, everything seems to be "Modern" but years after the first dishwasher was invented, is it REALLY so useful and helpful? The funny thing about this commercial was that  all the ladies desperately wanted a dishwasher in their home to be "Modern" and yet nowadays I find more and more people going back to the retro ways of doing things, including, but not limited to, dishwashing.

Yesterday, after going through my Retro Housewife Chore List, Kitchen was on the agenda for Monday. I enjoyed doing all the tasks and made a conscious decision to NOT use the dishwasher. My man thought I had a screw loose, but he obliged. Generally, he fails to rinse off, or scrape off the food anyway, which gets clogged in the dishwasher therefore, washing the food against the dishes unless the drain gets cleaned out  each and every night. (Which it doesnt btw)

So I found my little rack to hold dishes and loaded up a hot sink of sudsy water. I put on my rubber gloves and started the task. It was nice, peaceful and something simple. I had time to relax and think about the rest of my days tasks as well as other things. I read up on this blog about it and I wanted to write to you today to share my two cents worth...

She states that HandWash is here way to go and well, I have to agree. 
There used to be a method to dish washing and she quotes Lydia Maria Gurney in her 1914 book entitled Things Mother Used to Make:
First of all, remove all refuse from the dishes.  Place them near the sink, large plates at the bottom, then the smaller ones, then saucers.  Have a large pan full of very hot water.  Make a good soap suds by using a soap shaker.  Wash the tumblers and all glassware first, and wipe at once.   Use a handle dish cloth (which can be bought for five cents), for these, as the water will be too hot for the hands.Wash the silver next.  Have a large pan, in which to place the clean dishes, cups and bowls first.  When all are washed, pour over them boiling or very hot water, and wipe quickly.  Pans and kettles come last.  Always have a cake of sand soap or a can of cleaning powder, for scouring the pie plates and bottoms of kettles.  It is very little work to keep baking tins and kitchen utensils in good condition, if washed perfectly clean each time they are used.Wash the dish towels, at least once every day, and never use them for anything else.    With clean hot water, clean towels, and plenty of soap dishwashing is made easyIf you live in New England, your sink will be in front of a window.  Be sure to plant just outside of this window nasturtiums, a bed of pansies, morning glories, and for fall flowers, salvia.  These bright blossoms will add to your pleasure while washing dishes.
I prefer the handwashing method now and got to wondering when I stopped handwashing items? When I was growing up in Boone, Iowa on the farm, there was one sink, no washer and grandma washed everything. My sister, who also owned the house latter, did the same thing. When I was growing up and it was our turn, I remember the water always being very hot and I always felt like my hands were burning. I remember being told how bad a job I did and that the dishes always had to be washed after me all over again. Then when I was older, men in my life told me the same thing. 
So I realized just today that this is just like one of those "Lies we tell ourselves" . I told myself, "I am bad at handwashing" and thus because people told me that, I believed it too. How silly of me! If it was not for and the lessons I learned there, I would not have been able to recognize this untruth. Thank goodness I did and now I have "Changed the conversation" as they said in Mad Men and now I am back in the handwashing mode.
Also I want to say, if we DO use the dishwasher we do use natural ingredients. We mix Dishwashing soap and Borax and add a touch of Citric Acid (for bubbles) and it works well. Too well in fact as we had some special glasses we bought at the Spy Bar in Wisconsin and now all the pain is off the glasses. This is in part why I went back to hand washing. I want to preserve the glass I have that have etching or paint on them to keep them nice. 
So take a few things from this:
Decided if you are a hand washer or a machine washer type of person.
Think about if either of those ideas came from something someone else told you like it was for me.
Change the conversation (if you want to) and do what you like.
...Until Next Time,
XOXO Trisha Trixie

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Homeaking: Trixie Style

I was scrolling one day last week discussing with my man about how one didn't need to go to the gym or fitness club because the regular day of chores would be workout enough. I know already that when I do certain household tasks I am worn out at the end of the day, and I don't get worn out too often.

Now that I am refocusing my energy towards cleaning, moving and being a true retro housewife, I wanted to updated my cleaning list. For years I have used Fly Lady Routines and for the most part they work for me. I of course, had to adjust a few here or there and ended up slowly moving away from ALL the tasks and sticking with ones that really speak to me, like Always Shine Your Sink, and Put Shoes on Everyday etc. Eventually I wandered off to www.the Houe chores list and have mostly used that for the past few months. However, it still wasn't cutting it, but I just made a sticky note list and worked off off both lists.

Until this weekend. In looking for these retro chores for a good workout, I  instead found some great sites I want to share with you....

The one I have downloaded and am using now is this one....

This one for my daily

This one for weekly for each day's tasks

Aside from the "put the kids to be" or there NOT being something on there for pets, I real;y like these so far. I have only done Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues so far but I must say it really has helped me be more organized and like my house is in order.

At least until I make my OWN Cleaning routines. Trixie Tasks for Retro Living anyone?

Have a Fabulous day! Enjoy the links and tasks.

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Monday, February 09, 2015

What Helped me get from ^Fragile^ to **FABULOUS**

Many people who know me, know that I have undergone some dramatic, hard and unbelievable trials and adversity in my life. I was very fragile when younger and even in my twenties up to my thirties...I believed I was a victim and though I was still smiling, underneath I had NOT released those insecurities and thoughts that were weighing me down.

After a VERY hard breakup that nearly tore me apart, I fell...Rock bottom I went. I had hit rock bottom before and if you think you CAN"T hit it more than once, well you are WRONG. Sadly, you can. After losing my children, being homeless, and many other things I couldn't deal with it all. But with a pal who allowed me to run away to Oklahoma for awhile and get my shit together, I made it back again. So when it happened again, I needed to do the same and another dear friend allowed me to come to Colorado and escape for awhile.

After having the time to focus on me, get some healing and go through some rejuvenation of self, I was able to come back to reality. But friends love and care and encouragement was not enough for me. I am a Self Help Book and Course lover and found through this time in my life these things that helped me through.

One may not work for you, two many may be overwhelming. None of them may work for you. I am not saying they will. I am merely saying, these are the courses I took and the things "I" did that helped me. I want to share them, share my love and share my life with others so that perchance they may overcome and be the FABULOUS person they have inside them and let the world see that person.

Here is the link to my page which shares the links to all the places and the fabulous people that were a part of my journey that led me to here.

as well as an artist doing Challenge through Willowing

and The Summer of Color

I took the colors from SOC and applied them to the Monthly Challenge I was doing on Willowing.

BY going through these courses, reading these words, have them emailed to me daily or weekly, pouring myself into the courses and challenges really worked for me. Even if you are NOT an artist, doing small things to unleash your creative side would surprise you how healing it is.

I am SO very thankful to all these people who spend their time doing things for good to help others.

My life would not be the same with out it...

and I would not be the person I am today!

Is it YOUR Time to Be Fabulous?