Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let it Snow Let it snow

Well, we arrived back on Sunday night and Monday morning awoke to snow. It has been sprinkling snow off and on for the past few days but nothing really. Now it is Saturday and tonight we are supposed to receive more snow after midnight into Sunday. I guesswinter is now upon us. I don't mind it somuch and liek tha now. It is pretty but when I step outside and it feels arctic that's whenI mind.

I did take some pics and I will try tp get them up on the site for you. Nothing like my friends inother places have so I really shouldn't say anything. I even changed my Avatar up above to a Snow Pat if you didn't notice. She even looks like me lately. Black coat, long scarf (cept mine is pink of course) and a hat. Too cute if I do say so myself! ;)

So wedding is over... THANK GOODNESS. Now on to bigger and better things. WORK. Oh how fun. We are still workingonthe websites and actually jsut hired our first employee an Accountant. Well the weather loks yucky out there andI'm hungry so I think I hear some Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal calling me. laters!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

AUUUGH no more wedding things please

This wedding thing is tiring I will tell you. Whew. I am still calling people and emailing and tracking down phone numbers for people I don't have emails to. Then call and make sure my family knows they are personally invited. Then track down old friends who have not called me in awhile, but I know A)they would feel upset if they weren't invited and b) they woudl feel bad if they didn't answer so I keep bothering. ok, well we finally get to talk to two of them. One family says yes most liekly one says sorry...travelling.

Now I cross people off. Go over what we still need. Discuss purchases and gift cards and more.

Discuss discuss and more talking and arranging. ARGH!!

I have no phone numbers or address and emails for my son in law's family. How do I involve them and make them feel a part of this when I have no way to reach them. sigh. I need to call my future son in law and get some of thee numbers. I need to do my part as "the mom" even though I am the wicked stepmother to her. I have a big ugly wart (insible you see) to her. But someday...maybe someday she will be thankful...maybe she will be happy about my part...maybe she will want me there with the bridal room...but probably not...JSUT her mother! More than likely.

Sigh....another day in wedding planning

Day in the life of a blond

  1. Got up late (not normal)
  2. Ran around having a closet day (This is when you stand in front of all your clothes and decide you have nothing to wear)
  3. Didn't eat and got to work hungry
  4. Busy the minute I hit the door
  5. Got my conference calls mixed up and almost called the wrong person
  6. Busy all day and almost forgot to eat lunch
  7. Didn't want to leave the office so mulled around my desk for what I had
  8. What does a Blond eat that she finds in her drawer? Oatmeal and hot coco...mmm nutritious
  9. Swamped for the rest of the day then 5 :30 showed up
  10. what the heck happened to the day?
  11. I guess to a blond the hours vanish or something.
  12. Went to Target
  13. Got a cart and almsot ran into the security guard
  14. Walked ten feet and found out why =Blond CArt I guess.
  15. Ok now u ask...what is a blond cart??
  16. A Blond cart is a cart that leans sideways when you try to turn it and always goes the way you don't want it to.
  17. Yep...blond cart
  18. kept having to veer cart the direction I wanted it to go
  19. Now what is funnier than a blond trying to steer a crooked cart? not much else
  20. Rest of the evening....busy until midnight
  21. then blog
  22. Then relax and go to sleep