Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to take a break from?"

Funny you should ask on

because in the effort to live the life, that I am learning from Soul Restoration 2, that sometimes we need to Sacrifice things to make room for other things we TRULY want. My Wish comes to me with that in mind-

 I am taking a break from Facebook. 

Not doing away with. Not getting rid of. Just taking small breaks and not spending so much time Living in Facebook. I want to Live in the Real World. Read on to know why...
(Wishcasters can stop here to comment if you'd like or read if you have time)

Recently, because of my own slipped foot, I stuck my foot in my mouth. Yep. Open mouth, insert foot 100% What happened as a result of this was chaos and drama and overreactions and deluge or so it felt like deluge.

 Because I took Soul Restoration 1 I am now a different person than I was before. Without realizing it I have become Stronger and Softer at the same time and I didn't know it. I even wrote about it over and over on my blog because being that meant so much to me. 
After reading those I even found one from a very long 2006 where being softer was even a Goal for me then. 

But all this time I didn't know how. Brave Girls-Soul Restoration taught me how.And yet, even in one of my last post for SR I said I have become Stronger and Softer, but as you and I both know things are fleeting and just because we acquire something new, learning it good enough to keep up those new learned behaviors are the hardest part.

Where I am getting at (sorry if I am rambling) is that until two days, I didn't know I had really, TRULY accomplished being Strong and Softer. I knew I had learned it in SR1. I new at that time I had become that. But until this Filet of Sole , and I am not talking fish here okay, experience-it hadn't truly really hit me.

~Until I stuck my foot in my mouth by posting a comment in the SR Facebook Group. I am only  human. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Sue me. (Please don't though, I don't need any more drama)Once I explained my "foul" sadly the drama didn't stop and I ended up getting further upset. I just kept reading the comments and trying to make it better and then the comments got worse and I ended up bawling my eyes out and weeping on my futon. Then the phone call happened. The leader of the group called to see how I was and of course, that incited MORE tears. She calmed me down and I felt a bit better. Like a doo doo head I got back on Facebook again only to feel more sadness. So I left the Facebook Group and threw myself down on my futon to cry.

...And then it happened.

 REALITY set in....

As I lie there on my bed crying getting comfort from the Pink Fuzzy and  the thought of someone who really cared about me, I thought about him and the leader of the group and the real crisis here...

Guess what? There was none. I mean yeah I said something that hurt people. Yeah I said something that scared people. But UH, Hello, It was a Comment on Facebook, people, I mean really. I knew that he would say this, my counselor would help me see this and the leader of the group kind of even sees it that way.  I am not trying to make light of the comment. I again am sorry for the foot in mouth incident, but I apologized and I am Not perfect I am human. 
I stopped crying and went to sleep. 

The next morning I said to myself "You are a Brave Girl. You are Stronger than this. Be Real about this. Move on Anyway, just like Melody taught you. You are still loved and cherished by many many many people. Those who know you love you. Those who cannot accept you for your weakness as well as your strengths don't need to be in your life. This will blow over in time.It will be okay one day."

It helped me see how far I have come. I AM, I REALLY AM Stronger and Softer! I am so proud of where I have landed and how I have progressed. 

Then the second Reality set in.

I spend too much time on Facebook. I care too much about what happened in Facebook. Facebook is not Real Life. IT is Facebook. I need to take a break from Facebook. Melody is taking a break. Dani is taking a break. I need to take a break too and not spend so much time on it. Perhaps now, NOW is the time to take a break from SR Facebook Group. 

So, I I cannot nor do not desire to Quit Facebook Cold Turkey and leave it from my life forever. I do not want to stop being on it, for even a week. But I do see through all this that I need to make some Sacrifices and not living my life in Facebook is one of them. Melody talks of Time Wasters and I admit YES that IS ONE OF THEM!!

(You can pick your mouth up off the floor now)

I am taking the time now to clean out all my groups that I don't need. This way I don't get sucked in later for things that are useless or pointless. When I first started to do this I saw that I am a part of 364 Groups on FB! Holy Heavens why?!?!? I have no clue.  Except that I got sucked in to that time waster and  am removing the groups I don't need. Take the time now, to save the time later. I am going to do that with my pages and all things this week and little by little ween myself away from being on FB so much.

Last night was my first start. I came home from my meeting and stayed off for a few hours. But I got sucked in on my Itouch. I am trying to figure our how to handle the timing of that as when I should and shouldn't' get on my Itouch to check FB and comment, but for now, my biggest plight is getting on the BIG or MAIN computer. So I am thinking I may LIMIT myself to the just the Itouch and for only a certain time or certain amount of time like no more than 15 minutes or something.

I am going to "work on" (remember I don't like to say try) not getting on before bed because I know from past studies that electronic devices such as computering, tv-movie watching, etc does not allow your brain to fully relax and prepare your brain for proper sleep. I am going to replace that with reading, music and relaxing  things like going for a walk or sitting outside on the patio listening to the sounds of summer.

I wish to back away from Living in Facebook...I wish to live in the Real World more! :)
Archive of Strong Softer Blogs here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was going through my old YT Videos and found this video and found it fitting for what we are doing in Soul Restoration 2. It is not easy to take those hard leaps in life. It is not easy to Believe in ourselves no matter weather we have been fed lies or not, it simply is not easy. I put this video together with the music from Ill Divo and Celine Dion, I Believe in You a long time ago.

It was actually created for someone very special in my life to let him know that no matter what, that no matter what challenges face him, that no matter how frustrated he gets, that no matter how hows don't seem to appreciate his work, that no matter how scared he is, that no matter how much things change in life, with us or for us, that I always will believe in him and I still mean that to this him and to all of you my fellow readers and bloggers.

I truly feel that all it takes for us to move forward in life is for someone to Believe in Us. I feel that that truly helps us Believe in Ourselves.

For the Lyrics to the song, read under the video


The path you have chosen
A restless road
No turning back
One day you
Will find you light again

Don't you know
Don't let go
Be strong

Follow you heart

Let you love lead through the darkness
Back to a place you once knew
I believe, I believe, I believe
In you

Follow your dreams

Be yourself, an angel of kindness
There's nothing that you can not do
I believe, I believe, I believe
In you.

Tout seul

Tu t'en iras tout seul
Coeur ouvert
A L'univers
Poursuis ta quete
Sans regarder derriere
N'attends pas
Que le jour
Se leve

Suis ton etoile

Va jusqu'ou ton reve t'emporte
Un jour tu le toucheras
Si tu croix si tu croix si tu croix
En toi
Suis la lumiere
N'eneins pas la flamme que tu portes
Au fonds de toi souviens-toi
Que je croix que je croix que je croix
Que je croix
En toi

Someday I'll find you
Someday you'll find me to
And when I hold you close
I'll know that is true

Follow your heart

Let you love lead through the darkness
Back to a place you once knew
I believe, I believe, I believe in you

Follow your dreams

Be yourself, an angel of kindness
There's nothing that you can not do
I believe, I believe, I believe
In you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No More Holding Back Brave Girl-Time for Fashion!

Some of you may know that something I truly love is Fashion! I love to Model it and have modeled in the past and most recently helped out the Junior League of Des Moines at FashionEASTA 2010 February and was in The Juice September 2010. I modeled years ago for Teen and Seventeen magazine and have wanted to take it to the next level. I have been designing as a hobby and finally for my Pink Project for Summer of Color took a leap and finally made my table set and some ideas so I can finally have a booth somewhere. I have been scrawling designs here and I started a site that I am still working on called Fashion Femmes Le Boutique and there but this was the first step in the right direction.

Two Christmases ago I worked for Aerie as a Window Dresser to get a feel for Visual Merchandise and learned that really wasn't my savor. In researching Fashion Degrees I learned most companies won't even consider you unless you have at LEAST 2 years retail. Well, at first when the gig with Aerie didn't work I thought that was my Roadblock and I let it stop me. But not anymore....

I have my own business and I don't have a Marketing Degree! I design Websites for a living and I am self taught. I have learned through life you don't HAVE TO do things the way everyone else does them you know!! So who says I can't be a Stylist without two years of Retail?!? Most of what I learned in what I am doing now is two fold-Experience based and who I knew. Why shouldn't Fashion be any different? In fact it is probably MORE SO that!!

So tonight I took a leap...I signed up to be a Designer Liaison at Omaha Fashion Week in August!!

"Designer Liaison:
This person is the ‘go-to’ person for designers and models.  Each Designer Liaison will be responsible for two designers and their creative team, which includes designer’s assistants, models and stylists.  Your job is to provide security, trouble shoot any issues that come up in the dressing room and make sure your people don’t miss their cues."

Doesn't that just sound fab?!?!

I thought so too!

In Sr we talked about Roadblocks and Landmines today and I decided tha tI was not going to let that bring me down or get in my way so I leapt! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So, now it is just a matter of time to wait and see what happens and see if I get an opportunity to volunteer doing something I think I will love!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

While I am working-Check this out!

I created some new pages on my other site that mainly shows my artwork. I like to Create and I thought by adding pages to the Art Site it might make it easier to see all the fun Art things I have been doing.

I am busily working away this weekend on my Three, yes THREE classes and so while I finish working go over and Check Out my other sites while you wait.

I also wrote a poem this week so I added my Poetry Site as well.

and for fun I added the Other Blogs I write to as well if you are interested... I did this one for a Contest Last Year. It is a Short Story Memoir about me and my mother This one is for my Business and this one is one I am just starting to write on about a dear friend of mine and me and our crazy laughs and adventures

Enjoy Blog Reading while you wait for more exciting info on Trisha Trixie!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What do you wish for this summer?

The week got away from me but I wanted to make sure I still did my Wishcasting from Jaime Ridler because I really love it's question:

What do you Wish for This Summer?

I wish for Perfect Weather
I wish for the scent of Fresh Cut Grass
I wish for blades of grass or sand beneath my toes
I wish for Arts and Crafts
I wish for Peace and Harmony
I wish for wondrous books, blogs and other to tantalize my eyes to Read
I wish for Love to work it's way back to me
I wish for the Universe to get back in line
I wish for Summer Dresses and Skirts
I wish for adorable hair and non melting makeup
I wish for Soul Learning and Strengthening with my fellow Brave Girls
I wish for a Summer of Color and fun In the Sun
I wish for mouth watering and thirst quenching goodness
I wish for growing plants from my new garden
I wish for beautiful flowers that vine to make me an amazing hideaway
I wish to move forward
I wish others to move forward
I wish for a Miracle
I wish for Chance
I wish to be a Goddess
I wish for my Business Plans to work smoothly
I wish for my Dreams to become Reality
I wish for my Goals to become Action
I wish for healthier living
I wish to get back to Fly Lady
I wish for my words to flow from my hand
I wish for my art to be an amazing creation
I wish to seek out the Live I want to Live
I wish to live each moment
I wish to be

and if I wish the wishes of my heart wether they be real or true...
I wish for fairies and unicorns and good witches and pixie dust....
bubbles and twinkling lights and I wish a wish for you....
I wish for tree swings and fireflies...bonfires and smores...
I wish for meadows of flowers...
and the wish of your hearts galore...

of all the things I wish the most...I wish for simple bliss...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mission Statement, Permission Slip and Soul Living

I still have not yet had the chance to type up my Mission Statement but I do have it done! I took teh time while I was on the farm to really think about things and what I wanted out of life.I covered my little book to match my big on and got to writing on it. I also gave myself Permission to do things for me! It's ME TIME BABY!

My Official Permission Slip

My homework all checked off to the left to answer my questions...

My Inspiration to relax and think...

I took my Brave Girl Truth Book I made and wrote some truths down as well

I made a page that was just about SR Truths about Life

Then I took other truths and cut them out for my covers

This is actually the back

This is my Front Cover

MY Mary Englebriet"Shout it from the Rooftops" image right up front!

My Mission Statement in my Mini Lined Journal

Lives Get One

Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies

Life This Way..(other sign says) No Longer An Option

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Not Crazy and Neither are You

One of my favorite blogger's Normal is a Setting on the Dryer went away but came back. In true KSM fashion, speaking her mind, being fearless and courageous despite where it may land her in she writes a blog about being Crazy and I had to check but I am not sure, but I think I have never laughed so hard. I even snorted. Why, you ask did this blog elude such a response from me?

Because I have been there.

Some Truths About Me That Others Might Think Are Crazy:

  1. I truly did not accept that my father was dead for 3 years. The kicker, no adult thought this should be a concern.
  2. No matter how horrible a relationship is or followed the path of the abuse I suffered in life, I kept going after the same man that resembled those type of abusers or kept putting myself in a co-dependent relationship ( Doing the same thing over and over expecting different result.-Definition CRAZY no?)
  3. I secretly desire to have friendships out of my reach. There are people I meet or people I meet through other people and yearn to get to know them and friend them. But I know no matter how much I yearn for it, going after it would be crazy so I let it go and just keep yearning, though at times it really does make me sad. I feel like I have lost someone I don't even know.
  4. I talk to my cat and always have talked to my cats. I truly feel they talk back and I have trained them to do many things or they have learned on their own. My cat Dude talks to me all the time and flushes the toilet after he goes in the litter box.
  5. When I'm alone I dance silly and erratic and crazy all around the house and when I am alone in my car I like to sing to the radio or CD at the top of my lungs.
  6. I am a Serial Entrepreneur. I head this statement recently at a seminar and though, funny they are talking about me. I have had 6 business previously and that is not counting the two I have now for my Social Media and my Homeless Non-Profit.
  7. I grew up in a Metaphysical home, my father was Baptist, my Grandmother was Pentecostal and most of my friends were Non-Denominational. I was allowed to have my own free beliefs and do so. I believe in Crystals, Crystal Balls, the power of Candles, Aura's, Energy, Taoism, Buddism, and still have some lingering thoughts and ideas from when I was Mormon for 10 years. To most people, this way of Religion or Spiritualism is off. In teh end I feel I am a Christian and have open views.
  8. I believe in freedom and Equality for my LGBT friends. I don't know how that fares with religion but I don't care. Asking someone if they are Gay or other is like asking someone if they are wearing their underwear. Depending on who  I am talking to, this view can be great or that I am nuts.
  9. I love Social Media and fell in love with it the minute it hit the Internet. I love Facebook the most and my friends will often ask a rhetorical question only to answer themselves which makes me wonder if THEY are crazy. They say "What are doing?" then they will answer themselves "Facebook?" I respond "What else would I be doing?" 
  10. If I could, I would Fly though I am afraid of heights. I love Fairies, Butterflies, and anytime I have had the chance to be mid air it was amazing to me. I mean fly as in me and my person flying not sitting in an airplane. I mean jump and Fly. That would be so kewl. ;)
No it is not the 25 list that she came up, but I don't want to be a copy cat. I am sure I could go on. People tell me I am crazy all the time. They say "You're crazy, you know that?" and I respond "I know!" in my high pitch voice and cute smirk smile.

But in reality, I know I am NOT crazy.  I think differently than others and that either enlightens them or scares the heck out of them. The rest see myself in them or them in me and that scares them. The remainder? WEll, maybe they are the crazy ones.

No, KSM, I am not Crazy and neither are you.

I am the Baby

My Business Cards for Business I owned
My Aura Stones

Dude Kitty

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to begin?

It's that famed Wishcasting Wednesday with Jaime Ridler and the question today is:

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to begin?

Usually for me Spring is the time of Beginnings, but this year, things have been so different for me, so fresh and exciting and new, why should this be any different. This year, Summer is the moment of Beginnings.

My Beginnings have just started:

Monday I started a new course called Summer of Color. From now for the next 10 weeks we will be exploring different colors with whatever art forms we desire to expand our minds with.

In addition to that class I also am beginning some other art classes I found and am considering exploring those as well.

Tuesday I started Soul Restoration 2 Living the Truths. This is a continuation of Soul Restoration 1 I took at the beginning of the year. This I think will help me along the way to begin again to stand up for myself and remember the truths and not allow those lies to creep back in.

This summer I am Beginning to make some changes in my life with my businesses and my non-profit that could affect what I do with them, and my life for the future.

I also began something else. I began a Garden. I have been wanting to stat one and so I began a Patio Container Garden and I am Beginning the making of an above ground Garden in the backyard as well. I have Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs, Morning Glory flowers and something to enjoy the outdoors in the morning and late evenings.

I began making the most out of my room and made it into a Home Office/Studio and began cleaning and organizing it to make it something special putting my art desk and my work desk near each other and adding my inspirational quotes and plaques near it.

I think I am on my way to some great beginnings...

Now I think I am in need of some "sustainings" :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

In the Pit by Another's Hand


Did you know that you can get thrown into a pit by another's hand? That true. It DOES happen. You are surrounded by this pit and you are wondering

"How did I get here? I didn't do anything. I don't deserve this. I am innocent. I did not pity or despair myself here, yet I am here"

The story of Jospeh and the Amazing Techniolocr Dream coat Joseph did nothing to land himself in the pit..but he ended up there anyway...

Usually this happens by those closest to us. By our Family, or our Children, or our closest Friends and that pain is even harder to bear than if we had deserved to be in the Pit ourselves. We could and I think would eventually own up to our own reasons, but to be thrown into a pit by someone  can be heart wrenching Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

There are so many ways that can happen from  someone throwing us under the bus, divorce, separation, an addiction of any kind (even Co dependency can be an addiction), a fire, a flood, a tornado, an earthquake, troubles with our children, loss of someone, blamestorm from others, and the list goes on and on....

Remember that we can be strong and courageous. We can be brave and hold our head high. Know that our Higher Power, God or whatever you call him is there for us.

Above all...remember the Truth.

The old adage of the Truth will Set You true in and yet of itself.

Truth about the ticks marks of the things have and will happen to us in life will not go away. Sometimes, the Truth is owning up to the fact that people treat us the way we allow them to treat us. They may throw us in the pit or life might.

How we endure and enjoy the Journey is the most crucial to surviving.

For without cause they have hidden their net for me over a pit,
which they have dug without cause for my life,
my SOUL shall be joyful in the Lord,
It shall rejoice in his salvation.
~Psalm 35:7

Romance Wants/Needs

I want a man who says I am beautiful not hot,
who doesn't care if I am cute or sexy
who just cares that I am me,
who sees I am beautiful on the inside and out,
who will fight for me when I need fighting for,
who will let me stand up for myself when I want to,
who supports me in my ideas, dreams, goals, aspirations,and  desires even if they be far fetched,
who helps me while my life is Unfolding and while I am Learning to Grow Up
someone who allows me to be a Goddess and even more so encourage me to do so
a person who lets me explore who I am through Wishing, Dreaming, and Creating,
A person who allows me to search into my Soul and isn't afraid of the outcome,
yet welcomes it,
who loves my silliness and loves it when I skip, jump or dance ,
who showers me with affection by giving me gifts and cards, buying me my favorite candy bar or remembering what my favorite cereal is, complementing me or thanking me or acknowledging 100 times if need be thank you for taking out the trash, putting away the dishes or doing the kitty litter,
a man who,
understands my Love Language (9 in Gifts & Acknowledgement and Praise)
lets me go to my Cave when I need, like some Venutians need to do, to those rare times that I actually have used all my words and don't want to talk to anyone anymore
or perhaps really do want to sit in silence
or walk in in the park
or sit on the beach
or on a park bench and have him run his fingers through my hair
or brush a piece of it gently over my ear,
and a man who
who allows me over talk at other times
when he is tired of listening
and may be overhwlemed
and doesn't really want to listen to anyone anymore
but because he loves me
will listen to me,
is understanding as I try to put my life back together and as others gain Peace from Broken Pieces
who gets that I an an emotional person
I am not an emotional roller coaster
I am emotional
and with great passion
comes great emotion,
someone who is strong, confident, secure, trustworthy and mature
someone intelligent, unique, forward thinker, driven, motivated, willing to leap
someone not afraid to take chances
someone who has dreams, goals, aspirations and  desires
and someone who isn't afraid to go after them
or who is actively moving in a  forward motion toward it,
someone who puts me above all else
besides God of course
but above all believes in a higher power & desires to lead our home with strong hands & gentleness in his heart

Yes, this is what I want want. But I feel this it is more than that. I feel this is what I need to survive. I don't feel it is too big a list. Because I was told that Barbie and Ken are plastic and not real. If you have impossible dreams it will be impossible to ever meet them. I do not for a minute think I am Barbie and I am not looking for Ken.

I don't feel this list is idealistic. This is Realistic.

I am being realistic. I am finally starting to be realistic. I am just seeing what I want. Looking for it. And not settling for anything less.

Welcome back to me. Trisha. Getting ready for Soul Restoration II-Living the Truths.  Hold onto your hats people. I am getting my mojo back!

Friday, June 03, 2011

What is your Money Wish

I was traveling this week and then unpacking and recreating a new home office/studio for myself before I started two creative classes next week and missed the Wishcasting Wednesday. I have been trying to read and gather ideas and I just posted this on Jaime Ridler's Web Page.

She mentions on her site a CWAB-Crazy Wild Ass Budget and so I posted:

My CWAB (I say it like Crab but with a “w”) is 

Travel: Go to France Yearly
Fashion: Shop til I drop for every season yearly
Creative: Have all the latest Art supplies
Work/Home: Purchase a Warehouse, Renovate (like in Ghost) have Studio/Work home all together in a Downtown District or Village
Summer/Vacation Home: Along the beach anywhere
My mother: Provide for my mother-House, RV, living etc so she can enjoy life in retirement
Photography: Have the best SLR, Video cameras, and point and shoot cameras and all the zooms, stands, screens, shields and my own darkroom (again. I had one once)
Businesses: Enough to pay attorneys and get my Non-Profit up and running, train others and help others nationally
Dream Fun Career: Take my previous Modeling and Fashionista style to the next level and be a Personal Shopper for others, Stylist and KNOWN Fashionista in the Entertainment world and the globe :)
Money Fluffiness: Enough extra money to have all the debts paid off and to never have to worry about bills, things being taken away, bank accounts being levied, and enough to be fluffy (I have always used that term. IT means the fluff, like cotton candy, the fun stuff)

That is all I can think of for now…Thanks..that was fun

So, I guess what is my money wish? Well, I guess those!

I used to have other wishes when it came to money that always related to other people. But then, I realized how terribly unattainable they were, how the other person did not reciprocate the money wish, and how I wasn't sending anything out into the universe for me.

I am really  REALLY trying, working hard, this year to do things for me. Take care of me. Think of what is going to be best for me. I do so much for everyone else, and yet even still (look at some of my wishes) though to me that is still taking care of me though some of the things I am now choosing, doing and being in life are finally for me.

I think there comes a time in your life when you have to start thinking of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, who will???


So, that's my money wish. What's yours?