Monday, June 05, 2017

Hall of Fame

Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)

And the world's gonna know your name (yeah)
'Causeyou burn with the brightest flame (yeah)
And the world's gonna know your name (yeah)
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame

I hope to one day be a Hall of Famer in my own right. I have conquered rape, molestation, homelessness,  loss of parent at a young age, moved around my whole life, was anorexic, overcame worthless, overcame inadequate, overcame multiple divorces, heartbreak, and top it all off with a nice cherry on top of adversities...I beat cancer.

I want to write my book so that I may help others.
I want to show the world that you can be a warrior.
I want to show the world how to overcome.
I want to show the world how to use fabulous in their life.
I want to be the reason for your smile.
I want to make a difference.
I want to matter.
I want to be in the Starfish Savers Hall of Fame.
Making a difference, one starfish at a time.

Yes, I want the world to know my name, but because I burn with the brightest flame, because I know, because I have hurt, because I have felt, because i have yearned, because I have cried, because I have empathy, because I understand.

Why would you want to be in the Hall of Fame?

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Behind the Mask

Many people see me lately with a mask. Because I am doing chemotherapy and need the best cell counts possible, I wear a mask. It keeps me safe from YOU, who is carrying the germs and could get me sick. "I" am not the one YOU need protected from, it is the other way around.

"I need protection from YOU"

You see you don't know if you are carrying germs and I can't take that chance.

Wearing a mask has been, well...interesting. I made some realizations I wanted to share with you.

wearing a mask can be fun 

Wearing a mask can be liberating 

Wearing a mask can make you feel safe

Wearing a mask can be scary at times

Wearing a mask can be stylish

Wearing a mask (and Colon Cancer Awareness Beads) can make you an advocate

Wearing a mask is bad ass (especially with a unicorn swirl in your hair and jacket with pins on it

Wearing mask does NOT always make me Happy...BUT I DO always SMILE behind my masks
because life can give you lemons and rocks and tornadoes and all sorts of storms in life....but if you keep smiling, you can make it through it all...

 and noticed that even though you can't SEE my smile, you can see my EYES and the eyes ARE
the window to the soul. So if you see me (or someone in a mask) look at their eyes

Wearing a mask has been, well...interesting. . .

On my toughest days, I was STILL able to smile and make others laugh

I smiled even when I thought I MIGHT lose my hair (I didn't but boy was I scared)

I love to smile ( as you can see here)

Me in a very candid moment of giggling and smiling a TRUE smile

( odd that looking back I realize this is almost right before my Cancer Diagnosis
and though I was in  alot of pain during this time, no one knew because I just kept smiling)

You never know what others are going through, so be kind.
#itsthatsimple #bekind

My word of the Year. It could be SMILE, because to me...
it means the same.
Behind the mask...

She smiles
She laughs
She giggles

Behind the mask...

She cries
She mourns
She struggles

Behind the mask...

She is real
She is authentic
She is raw

Behind the mask...

She lives
She loves
She friends

Behind the mask...

She hurts
She heals
She hopes

Behind the mask...

Is a woman
Is a being
Is real

Behind the mask...

You wanna know?
You wonder why?
You cant' HELP but stare?
Your child can't help but stare?

Honestly, just ask..because...

the stares hurt
the whispers are at times unbearable
the laughter cuts through me like a knife

Honestly, just ask..because...

Behind the mask...

Is a person
just trying to survive
just trying to live another day
just trying to live those mottos
breathe in the mantras
say the manifestations
believe in the intentions
love beyond measure
laugh whenever possible
let my eyes be wet with life

One day I will have colored beautiful long hair again

Until then I will rock my shirt haircut with smiles and style

Until then, I will keep being me. 

I will write memes and quotes and share them. I will make E-Books and sell them, I will design fabulous Fashion Illustrations and Designs by Trisha Trixie Designs and sell them. 

I will help others with their mindfulnes goals and lives they desire and I will help them, if I can, 
to Design the Life they Desire, and Just Be with Juste Etre in their own space. 

I will love and encourage other women through The Good of Sisterhood and Ms. Courage. 

I will continue to Model and have fun getting paid or not through The Vintage Fashionista. 

I will continue to be a fabulous entrepreneur with amazing wisdom that I can share with others and Sprinkle Fabulous everywhere I go with Trisha Trixie Sprinkler of Fabulousness. 

I incite change with my Colon Cancer Advocate Awareness.  

I change lives EVERY DAY with Starfish Savers: Making a difference One Starfish at a Time.

 I will change lives with my book. I will move souls with my speeches.

I am not like any other woman you are going to ever meet.

I am a Renaissance Woman.

Hear me quietly roar in my happiness.

XoXo~Trisha Trixie <3

Sunday, May 21, 2017

As Birthdays Go...

As birthday go...last night was one for the books.

This year, everything just seems that much sweeter. I did have a birthday party last year and though it was fun, this yer is just even that much more wonderful, memorable and sweet. This year, I have been battling Cancer. Though I hate that phrase, it is the truth. Everyday is a battle, though I wear it with a smile. I conquer this battle with positivity, encouragement and inspiration. To celebrate my life this year, was my birthday gift to myself. I'm here. I have survived. Cancer did not kill me. chemotherapy did not kill me. Hemorrhoids  did not kill me. Though out of all of them, that one has been th worst, I am still here and I am still going strong.

As birthdays go....this one will always be remembered.

This is the birthday I fought Cancer.

Now I would say, this is the year I fought Cancer and won. But until my net PETSCAN I "technically" can't say that. Though I was NED (No Evidence of Disease) at my last scan and I have no genetic predispositions to cancer from my family. Which is also good because that means the likelihood of it coming back it slim to none. Which, in turn, is good news for me all the way around.

I always love my birthdays. But this birthday is sweeter, grander, lovelier, wonderful, stupendous, marvelous and the most fabulous birthday I feel I have had in my adult life because  I AM STILL HERE. I AM STILL LIVING. I STILL HAVE BREATH. I STILL HAVE LIFE.

And that , folks, whether you celebrate birthdays or not, is definitely a reason to celebrate life!

I am so thankful to be alive!

XoXo Trisha Trixie

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

I am a true believer in Life Lessons. You know, these things that happen in our life and we think "What the?" or "why is this happening to me?" or perhaps we are even upset and angered about it "This isn't fair"

I like to look at these things that happen, these stumbling blocks of life that throw us for a loop and look at the lesson it is serving.

"What is the lesson to be learned here? Id this for me for for someone else? Is this character building for me? Is this something someone else needs to see me go through to learn? Am I an Instrument in His Hands? Always. <3

Life is hard.

It is also short when you really think about our full existence. I saw this example once where the guy on stage had a long long rope. And at the tip of it he had wrapped it with red duct tape. It was wrapped maybe two inches in length. That's it! He said

"This is you and your existence. this whole rope. this part here marked off in red is your life on earth. What are you not doing right now that now knowing this changed your mid and you see now what you are to do?"

Really made me think.

If our life is that short, why the heck aren't people living it up? Why do they not see how wonderful life is? How do they not take every moment as an opportunity to learn?

Maybe their eyes are not yet opened and the trial or adversity they are facing is to open their eyes and see? Maybe they need to learn patience, tolerance, endurance...trials have a surefire way of teaching you that. Maybe they need to see how you handle your struggle to know that it can be done, they one can fight, that one can conquer, that one warrior can win!! If that be the case, may I be that warrior for you. <3

I don't know why things happen good or bad.

I just know that Life is.

Life is.

Simple as that.

Everything else after that is all a Life Lesson in one form or the other and I relish in the opportunity to learn. Through me. Because of me. In spite of me. Whatever.

Life is a beautiful lesson filled with wonderful lesson of growth, character building, adversity facing of endurance, strength, bravery, love, tolerance, patience and love.

No matter what...I always love you. <3

I believe in you.<3

Now Go forth and Be I know you already are. <3

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Why am I so happy? Because I fought for it.

Why am I so happy? Because I fought for it.

I lived a hard life, I struggled, yet endured, I lost, yet found love, I have been through trials galore in my life. The word GALORE does not even seem "adequate" enough to describe my life.
I have learned that blessings come after the trial of our faith.
I have learned that life gives you pistachios you can't open, coconut you can't drink, and people that teach you a lesson. Every person that comes into our lives will either make a difference in our lives or we will make on in theirs. Sometimes, we end up making a difference in someone unrelated, watching the whole thing like a movie with soda and popcorn.
I am not just a whimsical, silly, girl, blissfully dancing and prancing around in my head like "lalala such is life, everything is beautiful, no care, no worries,no cares, be happy"
Such is not true. I have walked through fire and not been burned. But then again, I have gotten singed a few times. I have been at the depths of despair, homeless, hungry, not knowing, what I would do or how I would pay a bill, loss and hurt and heartache so deep I thought my heart literally broke.
Yes, my friends, I have gone through the worst of the worst than most could imagine...and oh how those things shaped me.
My past does not define me. My trials did NOT overcome me.
"I" overcame my past, my trials, my loss, my heartaches, my pain...BY CHOICE.
I choose to not be miserable.
I choose to see the sunshine.
I choose to relentlessly strive for happiness.
I chose to take the ashes and become a Phoenix.
I choose to Be Fabulous.
and you can too

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Friday, March 31, 2017


Today as I was looking for a butterfly picture quote to send to someone, I found all these amazing quotes on Transformation. It made me realize that really, this process of Chemo, surgery, healing etc is really all that.
It was an epiphany to me because my book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising by Trisha Trixie is all about my 1st transformation in 2011 and how I overcame my life and moved on. Without realizing it, I was a caterpillar and now I am a butterfly. However, if I already did that, can a butterfly be transformed again?
Interesting facts for you...
"Studies performed on the caterpillars have also shown that they are almost whole new beings all together. Unless learned just prior to it undergoing metamorphosis, a butterfly will actually have very little memory of its life as a caterpillar. In a sense, caterpillars actually live and die TWICE. This is a very weird and odd evolution. One that doesn't fit the typical mold of change followed by other insects. "
So in essence, yes, I can transform again and I am doing just that.
This makes me wonder if book two should be Falling into Fabulous: A Butterfly Rising: The Cancer Chapters.
I always looked at myself as a Phoenix, getting burnt by life and ending up as nothing but ashes. A Phoenix rises from those ashes and because this amazing creature. Like me, or so I think.
Now thinking about this whole process as a Butterfly Transformation really has me thinking.
My friend Mandy calls it a process. Everything is a process.
This is my second transformation. In 2011 I was able to release all my old baggage, old hurts, old negative thoughts about others, myself, etc and move on with life. Take leaps. Take risks. Live the life I wanted. Start a business. Start another. Take chances. On Life. On Love. And be rewarded with those blessings. My life went from chaos to content. Until recently.
So what changed? Me.
I don't know why things happen and I don't always understand the reasons for why people must suffer, go through trials, deal with adversity and struggle, but I do know, there is a reason. There is a lesson. Sometimes, that lesson isn't even for us! It is for those around us.
I feel this is the case with my life and my cancer.
Who better to deal with such an overwhelming than and Overcoming Specialist? Who better to deal with Cancer than someone who has already learned how to let go, let God, and Overcome? Who better than someone who already understands the need for Transformation that someone who has already transformed once?
I have been truly blessed. I find my Cancer a blessing. I have learned so much and touched so many lives it is freaking amazing. Amazing isn't even a strong enough word!
This is my time to transform once again. To grow, to exalt to a high knowledge and understanding of life. To change from a Phoenix to a Butterfly. I am in my Cocoon right now. I am emerging while the whole world watches how I do it. How I overcome. How I conquer this.
It is important for me to be the instrument in his hands to be there for others. To listen. To have empathy. To have compassion. To help you understand Love. To help you understand Fear. To help you understand Life, perhaps.
I accept this destiny and fate in my life because I know my purpose here in life, on this earth, at this time. My mission, is LOVE.
I am determined to leave a legacy of love and if growing and going through this trial, helps you, another or even myself to grow and emerge and transform, then so be it.
I will be the Butterfly for you.<3

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Living Life Despite Failures

Living Life Despite Failures

So many people tell me "I live vicariously through you!"

I tell them, "Live vicariously through yourself!!"

Then they say "Oh I couldn't, but I love how fearless and brave you are!"

My response to any of you who feel this way...

Oh pishaw!

You are fully capable of living the wonderful life you desire. The only thing holding you back is YOU, silly.

Stop being afraid. What is the worst thing that could happen? You fail?Oh no, not that! Failure is just a way of learning what NOT to do. That is all. Then you try again. And learn, ok don't do that either. Sometimes you have to fail a hundred or a thousand times before you get it right. Guess what? Sometimes you only have to fail once to learn that lesson in life you need.

Be fearless.

Take risk.

Leap without a net.

Love anyway.

Do it anyway.

Now, don't get down on yourself when you realize that YOU are the thing holding you back.

No shaming yourself, now.

You just do it. You just change. You just grow. You just leap. You just love. You just do. You just be. Just turn the page.

Oh but where do I start.

Well, let's see...wake up, live life the way you want. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Fall, fail, stumble, whatever, the pick yourself up, dust yourself off, check for bombs, put those out, then put one foot (metaphorically or realistically) in front of the other and GO!

You can do it.

I know you can.


Because if "I" can do it, YOU can too! <3

Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Many people wonder what I have to be grateful for. I have been through so much in life. I have suffered a lot. I have had a lot of drama, chosen and not. I have had to overcome this, that and the other, which is why I am writing a book about overcoming called Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising by Trisha Trixie . Then last year...I was diagnosed with Cancer.

People look at me and say "How can you look at life as a blessing? How can you be so grateful? How do you share and show gratitude? How, how how? I reply...

"How could I not be grateful? How could I not share my gratitude? How could I not show it to others? How, how, how"

I have been given the gift of trials, adversity, issues. These things help build character. They test your strength. They test your bravery. They test your courage. They test your faith. Well, hells bells, they test everything now, don't they? Yes they do.

How we overcome, endure and handle these tests in life change us. Form us. Make us the beings we are today. These tests show our true character. They show others who we really are.

I am grateful for all my tests. I am not happy they happened, however I don't look down on what happened in my life either. I am who I am because of them not despite them. My spouse loves me because of them not despite them as well. My family, friends and all who get to know me, love me because these things, these trials, made me the strong, brave, fearless, bold, raw, real, authentic, honest to the core, audacious, fabulous person I am today.

I am grateful for those things who made me who I am.

Be grateful in the face of adversity. Look at that trail as a blessing in disguise. Honor it. Challenge it head on!

Be grateful for everything you have. Some have nothing.

Be grateful for the air you breathe, the sun on your face, the ability to see, feel, touch, taste. Don't take these things for granted. Some have non of these.

Be grateful you are still here on this earth.

Be grateful for life. <3

Life is for living, not just being endured.

Live life to the fullest. Live each day as if it were your last. It just might be. Savor it. Devour it. Eat it up. Live vicariously through yourself.

Dance daily!

Smile often!

Listen more!

Love freely!

Be Fabulous.

Because every single damn day we have choices and #1 when you open your eyes is...

"What do I have to be grateful for?"

~Make a list of at list 5 things.
~Carry a Gratitude book around in your purse. You can get little tiny notebooks at Dollar Tree, then decorate them and carry them in your pocket or your purse or satchel. Notice all the things you have to be grateful for.
~Do a Gratitude Rampage. Just write and write and write all the things you are thankful for once a week or more and just free write until you are exhausted from writing or typing.
~Smile at others
~Hold open doors
~Give compliments
~Join a Gratitude group on Fb or Page and watch and share

All in all Just Be Grateful.

Life is wonderful.

You just have to open your eyes to see it. <3