Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today someone I dearly admire said how proud she was of me on Facebook. Now maybe, to the rest of you, you hear things like this all the time so it means nothing to you. But to me, it means the world. I have done many things in my life and with those many things I have had many struggles, many failures and MANY lessons.

This was not my mother, though she often tells me too. This was not from a best friend who has known me forever, though they DO often tell me that as well. No, this was fro a Mentor. Someone I only recently met. Someone who has done well in the community I live and someone who other people admire. That is why this carries so much weight for me.

I barely know this person. However, in the little time I have known her, she has encouraged me, inspired me, supported me mentally and spiritually and believed in me.

There was once a time when I remember my man telling me so profoundly, "I believe in you" and how I thought my whole body was going to melt.

Today, when this person said she was proud of me, I felt like it was a good thing I was sitting down or my knees would have buckled.

I debated on which blog to post this. I felt like it could be a great lesson of my Trixie Tabloids. It could inspired others for Trisha Trixie Designs. But in the end, I felt this blog, my blog, my heartfelt thoughts an emotions...this is the blog it should be on, because this is me.

This is me pouring my heart out to you. The interwebs, those who will listen and even if there is no one there, this is where I felt like I needed to share because this blog page is the real me. It is the realest me you will get. Not the you I allow you to see, but the depths of my emotions me. The me I have forgotten about. The me, I am showing you once again.

The me that relishes in things like a simple "I am proud of you". How little we tell others these kinds of things and how VASTLY it can make a difference to someone. How greatly those little words made a difference in me tonight. Even though it was not even verbal, I heard the tone in her text, in the words as they were laid out on the page of Facebook..."I am proud of you!"

Thank you BB for those words. Thank you for making my heart feel full tonight. Thank you for making joy fill my heart so full that is welled up my eyes with happiness to know that someone I admire so much admires me.

To the rest who may be reading this, take the time to tell another how you feel.

It may seem like nothing to you, but mean the world to them.

And for the ones who will hear me, the ones who NEED to hear me, Be Proud. Be proud of yourself, who you are, how far you have come and how much you have accomplished. It's ok. Be Proud. For you are Fabulous.

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tough Love

I guess this is the year of tough love. Or perhaps it is the year I throw down the boundaries again. Not sure, but I do know this is the year that I take a stand. I am tired of sitting down, sitting back and not standing up for myself to other for fear that there will be drama or issues or such.

I am actually proud of myself for doing so.

It is hard to say to someone you care about, even if it is a new friends, that you are done. Done with something, anything that they are doing with you, to you etc.

Tonight already I sent out a few emails to others sharing my thoughts and feelings.

I took people off my social media pages and off wordpress and anything that would connect or give another person the rights to my life or anything that would give them access to my business life, anyway.

I thought back to when I was the most successful. When I had my Dating Site and it was just me. S was gone by that time and I was handling things on my own. I was in charge. I decided if I went to an event. I decided if I paid for Marketing with a company or for Advertising. I manged my Social Media and I managed the website and the events and everything in between.

Doing this alone, mind you was not easy, and I really DO like to delegate. But I want a ME. I want a ME that shows up for work happy and energetic and willing to do what needs to be done. I want a ME that works above and beyond the call of duty and assignments asked and ends up WOWING the boss. I want a ME that cheers my boss on and is their right hand. Reality is, the only me is ME. Dumb I know, but how much truth is there in that. A lot I tell you.

So, I got used to there being no one like me and accepted less than. I allowed others to tell me, "Really, that's the best I could do." Or for others to show up with a half hearted attitude saying they wanted to help, but in the end just made my life more difficult, because I end up having to back track the work they did or end up having to do it myself, anyway because they "couldn't get to it" or "didn't get around to it" or the best lately is " my husband doesn't want me doing this anymore." Yeah that was a good one.  I get it...I do, it is easier to say someone else won't let me. I too have used that line. But to their disadvantage that is true....um hello, yeah I have used that line so I know the truth behind too.

Or the other being, "I am feeling overwhelmed and never realized how much you do" and ironically they hand it all back to me and guess what, I now get to do all MY tasks and now I get to do all the crap you just dropped back on my plate. WOW, gee thanks. Guess what though, I oddly have the capacity and capability to do it....mine and their work too. It just would have been nice if someone were to TRULY help me.

The other thing that happens is they forget that when they are with me, they are representing me, my brand and my business. Finding out that while someone was waiting for me to handle business at a bank they were making faces ate me behind the window, made a very unhappy Trisha, thus me having to remind them of the image they portrayed.

So, tonight, I took people off of being Admins on pages, I removed people from newsletters On MailChimp, and removed others from access on WordPress.

Funny enough, I had actually changed some of those settings weeks ago as a test to see if the people even noticed and because they were NOT truly helping, they didn't even say a thing. I just now tonight, sent the email and finalized some of those things.

Then I sent an email sharing with them how their Toxic behavior would not be allowed and how I expect more.  I shared my thoughts and read and re- read the emails over and over and even walked way for awhile and then came back to them to make sure they were not mean or rude. I tried to let the persons know I still loved them and cared, but it was time for things to change.

This is MY year. I will NOT let anybody get in my way.

My business has finally grown after two years.

I am launching a new startup.

I am planning on moving.

I am getting married.

There is a LOT going on in my life and if anyone thought I moved fast before, they are gonna think I am the Energizer Bunny on CRACK now..lol! Move outta my way unless you wanna get run over.

The people who SHOW UP and SHINE are the people who will be the ones to RISE this year with me. They will be the ones who show me their worth. They will be the ones who WOW me. They will be the people who appreciate me, respect me and treat me right. They will not only Carry their Weight but will be so good they might even carry mine. And that's good. That's GREAT in fact!

The year is starting off with a BANG so far with the new start up in production testing and my other business getting some much needed recognition.

Things are great with my man by my side as he should be. We compliment each other. We are good for each other. We work well together. We fit.

I have a few others that , so far, have proven their worth and have been carrying their weight...so far. It is always good in the beginning. Let's just keep that momentum going and we will be good to go!

I don't like having to tell people they need to get their crap together, I don't like having to tell someone they let me down, I don't like being let down so of course I don't want to have to tell them that, and mostly I don't like having to remove people from accounts and such.

But in the end, MY NAME is on the masthead.

So in the end, my head will roll if it goes sour.

and in my life, the only head rolling better be my Mannequin Head, Miss Kim, on the floor if I drop her. :)

#LetsDoThis #TimetoBeFabulous #BeFabulousin2015

Until Next Time,
Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Year of Me

I found this post about Speaking to The Audience of One...


and it really spoke to me.

It got me thinking about how when I first started this blog it was to be able to freely write. As the years went on, my post count went up and down however something I realized is that in 2011 when I had the highest posts, I was more at ease that year. I felt more connected to my life. I felt like I had overcome a lot and I felt whole.

I realized that in that year, I just wrote to write.

I didn't care who was listening it was just healing for me to write, to pour out my thoughts.

I miss that.

I think with all the Social Media we have forgotten what it used to be and where we used to connect.

Now we write in Tumblr and on Facebook Notes and such. The issue with that is to open yourself up so freely allows for hurt, rejection and the possibility of offending someone you had NO intention of offending just because what YOU said hit home to THEM.

Of course, there is still that chance if you allow comments on your blog (which I do) that you could have a little drama based on the comments, but remember, YOU control the response. You do not have to reply back to the haters or negative commenters.

But I digress.

Blogging shouldn't just be about who you are reaching, or if someone is going to click on some ad you are posting or if they comment back.

Like Chris says, Blogging for One can be exhilarating.

I think it is refreshing and eye opening.

It is like writing that letter you never intend to send.

It is Cathartic just in the writing alone.

You can also lock down a blog to be Private if you want and no one EVER has to see it but you.

No matter what your style, consider blogging for yourself.

I am.

I am going back to ME time.

Writing my thoughts, feelings and aspirations in my blog.

If you comment, you do.

If you decide to follow me, you do.

If you repost my blogs, you do.

Not to be rude or anything, but I don't care. And WOW how freeing it is not to care. To know that this year...

This year is the year of ME.

This is the year I get back to my soul.

This year is my year.

And I'm going to make it my year in every way I can. Starting with my Blog.

These are my days and As the Days Go By so will I write, share, conspire and connect....\

with me.

Until Next Time,

Miss Trisha

Friday, January 02, 2015


I take notice... like when people tell me things like "I don't have time to ..." go to my event or do something for me, or talk to me...however, as I said I notice they DO have time to go to other things, talk to other people or do other things. I notice when they choose to spin their wheels on things that get them nowhere and I notice when they choose to not help me or my business to grow because to them, they don't see the growth potential that I do for myself AND for them.

Essentially what you are saying to me or another person when you do these things is that your priorities are different is all. People need to grow up and fess up and just say " I have different priorities than you and these other things are more important to me".

Those who don't go in my book (so to speak) and I remember who was here for em, who helped me, whose back I scratched and if they scratched  mine back, reciprocity goes a long way.

Failure to be reciprocal is the stopgate.

That old addage "Remember me when you get to the top or remember me when you get big...etc" welllll, you see I remember...oh yeah, I remember the good, the bad and the ugly.

Final line to me is "If you are there for me then I will be there for you."

Reciprocity Goes a Long Way...
Giving of it is remembered.
Lack of it is remembered too.

Trisha Trixie