Monday, September 19, 2005

Mothering 1700 miles away

You know its' going to be a bad day when your son is depressed the night before.

How can I mother and care for my child so far away??

Manic Monday:

P calls at 6 am. So you think he is calling to discuss son who is depressed? He wasn't. He called about CS, of course. I should have know better. I thought fo one moment, for one time, maybe he truly cared about A and was worried about him, so I answered. Stupid me. Well, lesson here: I am never doing that again.

Walk into work. one of the gorls on the team cannot log in, phone is not working, computer is not working, nothing works. Email Tech support all the while someone who is another co-worker is drving them crazy emailing them at the same time. How do you casually tell someone to kindly "let me do my job" without offending them? you dont.

One manager still out, broke foot. My manager gone. D's phone is rerouting to B whose phone is rerouting to me. whoa. Busy day at work and all I can think about is this

How can I be a mother so far away? My son needs me. It is his 10th grade year. He said he wants to see me for Spring Break but he was going to wait to ask until after christmas. He is not happy and he hates his life. It is SO hard sometimes and other times I don't even think about it. I have lived this life for so long I have grown accustomed to it.

But when it is like this, my thoughts are turned deeply to my children. Do I focus on A more, he is the one speaking up. He is the one who is saying he is hurting. Now I am hurting too. I lvoe them so much.

But the counselor at school is trying to help me help him. I know it will be ok. I am jsut being a mother so far away.

Profound Statement of the Day

We cannot pass through trials
Trials must pass through us

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina updates

I started the day doing Katina updates and I ended the day staying late to do updates. I was able to do some work converting docs to PDF but then...more Katrina updates.

It was a crazy day, but at least I was ble to obtain 2 printers for my other co-workers. I was able to have a man at a business we use get on the stick to change the way he does something and wow my fellow co-workers in the other building. I am now labeled The Queen. Then when she found out I have only been there two weeks she was really wow'd!

I rec'd my new supplies and drove IT, tech support, facilities and App support crazy.
I proved to my new boss that I am willing to stay to get the job done.

Lastly, I helped a few people have a good day today! ( or at least I think I had something to do with it)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Made it thru SW

Well, I made it through the SW (short week). I have the P&P mainly done now and now I am working on another type of tracking. Now B wants me to create a Spreadsheet to track all this money that we are spending on re-recording documents.

I feel like I am the spreadsheet queen lately. I am busy, but I love my job. It is a lot of fun.

It is a slight more challenging than my other positions, but so far I am keepingup with B so it's all good.

I was getting a bit stressed but my friends said I was trying to be too serious and I need to showmore of myself at work. So I have been cracking jokes and trying to be a little more light hearted. Also, I gave the guys who were trying to new Doc Tracking I made last week, a hand designed Thank you card and a bag of Life Saver Gummies. This is me.

I like rewarding people and thanking them. It is important to me (prob cuz I don't her it often) so I assume it is important to others.

My friend C is a VP there and I stopped by and saw him Friday. He talked to me for a bit and gave me some good information. Plus he gave me some recruiting cards to hand out. He is also my neighbor and my spouse, C and I went out to Sushi Sat night and had a chance to socialize outside of work. He is from Australia and a pretty kewl guy. It is always good to have connections.

Well, here goes another week of spreadsheets and tracking. Good news is: I received a new printer. Bad news is: Everyone keep stopping by my desk making some off the cuff comment about how nice it must be to have a new printer. I never can tell if they are being nice or sarcastic and jealous.

This job is going to either be the deth ofmy social life or heighten it, I haven't figured out which yet??


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Short Week

Well, this is going to be a short week at work, but much to do. I had a meeting today with 3 of the managers and my SVP. I had to print the P & P I am currently working on and the memo's we were considering inputting. I had my PINK Jr. Legal with me. This is a very me thing to have by the way. I enjoyed the meeting. I am such a nerd. How many people say, "I enjoyed the meeting." Geez.

Anyway, I wrote down everything and wasn't afraid to make a few suggestions. They were taken well and clarified who was in charge of what part they were doing. Then when we went back to our desks I sent out a post-meeting email with all the responsibilities ( I hate saying DUTIES as it sounds like Do-Dee and I will get into that another time why) and even inputted what I was reponsible for. I felt like I needed to do that as I don't want them to think I am not doing anything and I am having them do all the work.

Also, today I asked B what the priorities were for the work I was doing so I was focusing my time and energy in the right direction. I think she seemed impressed by that as she
smiled real big when I left her office.

So I have this huge P & P project due by next week and something else I have to create a tracking for in Excel. Plus some minor things that she wants done as fill in work. And then there is the daily Interoffice, plus daily reports that have to be run, that I didn't know had to be run daily, but found out today and now I am to do those first thing in the morning. (breathe)

I can't believe how much she was doing on her own w/o an admin for so long. I love taking care of things and helping her so she can focus on her job. In a way it is service. I love to serve others, so this is an extension of volunteering in a way. I know. I'm weird. I look at things weird. What can I say.

Oh, I already rec'd feedback on my other tracking and of course, they didn't like it. Go figure. But honestly, if someone gives you a soft copy form to fill out do you really think in this day and age that I mean for you to fill it out by hand? I meant for them to type in the info and write the E team they give it to with their name and then email it to me at the end of the day. But, I guess that wasn't clear. So they have another way they want to do it so I said fine let's try it your way and then we will take both ways and I will discuss it with B and we will go from there.

Then there is the birthdy thing. ok, I worked in Food service for over 12 years and thought I had heard the last
Happy Birthday song in a group setting when I left, but no I get to hear it nearly every other day it seems. I have only been then a week and some and I have heard the song 3 times. If we have a lot of birthdays that month, that is a lot of singing and plus the loss of productivity is endless. So I am taking a vote for who wants to celebrate Once a month and who wants to celebrate Each birthday. I don't think I am becoming the most favorite person at the office, but I am not there to make friends I am there to do a job.

Of course, I say that and then hate the fact that I have to lunch alone. Sure, I see people eating lunch at other tables, but I feel if they wanted me over they would talk to me more or ask. I don't want to crash their lunch. It's funny how I am an ESTJ but somehow the I from HS comes out and I get shy.

So I blog. And now, after skinng the chicken we cooked onthe BBQ yesterday for Labor day and making French cut green beans, red potatoes and eating left over Trixie's world Famous Deviled Eggs, I will blog my other site and then off to relax more in front of the TV.

Hope you all had a great day off yesterday if you had one.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Survived Week One

Well. I made it. Isurvived week one. Then the cool thing is I have Monday off and only have 4 days next week too. I really like the workload. It is about perfect. It is not overwhelming at this point. I told my boos in the interview I do not like to sit still and I like to keep busy and well she has definately kept me busy and you know? I love every minute of it!

The two Escrow Managers are really nice. We have been starting a banter back and forth via email now for the certain things I needed this week. I had a lot of reports that needed to be completed and so I created some reports for them to fill in. So they did what they could and didn't even bat an eyelash. Let me tell you it was weird!

I have not been in a managment role for some time now and I didn't even realize being an Executive Secretary was considered a mgmt role, but really it is. It appears that if I want it done, no one says anything they just do it. I was so shocked, but I had to keep my cool and act like they were jsut supposed to do it and that's all.

I am a little lonely eating lunch alone and such and no one really is talking me yet. There are two girls that were sitting next to me but my boss moved them so I wasn't distracted plus that when when I am disucssing confidential info I do not have someone listening in.

This is all so new to me but I can't act like that. I have to keep acting like I have been in this role before which is not true but I think I am getting the hang of being that way. I love it. I love researching all this info and creating all these reports. I think I am going to get to know excel very well!

I would like to take aproblem solving/critical thinking class though and I think it would really help, but until then I am going to work on my Excel skills as I seem to be using this ALOT!

Well, I don't like blogs that ramble so Iwill be off. I am so happy and elated. I feel like I could fly. I love this job. It is a good place for me. In the words of Annie, "I think I'm gonna like it here!"