Tuesday, August 30, 2005

2nd day of Work

Well, I survived the new hire orientation day. It was long and brutally about nothing I know, but it all looks exciting and challenging! They have state of the art equipment Cicso voice over Ip phones, hand scans for you to clock in and out of and pretty good bandwith.

Plus many perks and treats often. Bagel Mondays and Fresh Fruit WEdnesdays. This week is even themse week-Casual Week as it is the end of month and the mortgage biz is crazy at month end!

I don't want to say where I am working, but it is a Mortgage company you all know I bet and I work in Closing. I almost don't know what that means with the excpetion of the "I work in". haha

I am busy though already doing reports and spreadsheets, plus working on the Policies and Procedures manual! And that was just today! I love it and everyone says they are Pro-employee and they love it, so I hope it all to be true.

Ah...when you wish on a star I guess it really does come true......

(music begins to play in your head) When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires, will come to you.....

Friday, August 26, 2005


So, I am running around today. Nothing special. Laundry, 4 loads. Dishwasher dishes, 2 loads. Menu planning (Just started), Cleaning. Vacuumed downstairs so far. If I am going back to work FT I have to get this house in order. "Organize yourself, every needful thing... a house of order..." so this is what I am doing. S is working on hooking up the router so he won't keep taking my internet. It drives me nuts to have that wire running all through the house.

So, I checked my email, I have to water my plants outside still, and check up on my food. I am preparing a broil in the crock pot for tinight. Carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, thyme, oregano, s an p.

But in the
Everyday Food book for this month there are so many great recipies. I am currently working on a recipie for Roasted Tomato Sauce. Instead of simmering it on the stove, you cook all the ingredients int he oven and then puree them. Store it in the freezer for the week and you have wonderful tomato sauce. All I know is right now my house smells amazing! An Italian would feel at home here. It smells of garlic, tomatoes and onions and oddly that does really smell good!

Yeserday for lunch we had fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil for lunch. We got the ingredients all at
Costco! No wait, I think we got the basil somehere else. But the Mozz was divine! ummmmm yummm.

So, see I am silly and crazy at times but underneath I am really suzy homeaker! I love to cook. S says is he can keep me away from processed foods I make amazing meals. I have lots of cook books but these Everday Food books really help people who want to use real items for real food. I like fancy meals along with the next guy, but I like eating real meals too. This book has so much, lunch ideas and everything. Even things for one person.

Geez. You would think I had stock in it or something. maybe I should look into that. Well, you see this book is connected to
Martha Stewart. Hopefully that doesn't turn you away.

Well, I need to go check on my food and finish organizing my home. Toodles. I prb won't blog for a few days unless I get a break. I am volunteering for an event doing many girls hair into 40 styles, and then being an usher on Sunday, then Monday new job. If I have time I will pop in and say hi!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

First Offer Letter

Well, I did it. I signed my first offer letter! I was so excited it was hard to contain myself! We went through the benefits, what to expect on my first day and where I would go. I start on Monday. that is so wild! I can't believe it! The funny thing is I didn't even think I would get this job! Go figure!

It is so close too! I could almost walk it! It is only 2.2 miles from my house. We will wait for that once I get established a little though. I feel like dancing int he streets! Woo hoo!

After I got done, I drove to the bldg I am supposed to go to to make sure I knew where it was, where is park, etc. I don't want to be late my first day!

Then I went to
Costco to get gas and this guy walked right in front of me to talk to the van ahead of me right as the guy was leaving. I was a little irritated, but instead I was too happy about my job so as he left he walked in front of me again and then walked by my window. He shirked and I said, "Oh, Alright I will let it go this time!" and then I smiled. he came over to my window and said, "You have the most amazing smile!"... (which of course just made me smile more) and then he said, "Stop it! There you go again. I don't know if I can take it!" and walked away. Silly boy!

Then I went Over to the
Irvine Spectrum to Robinson's May to the Origins counter. I had a sample card I recived in one of my many magazines for a FREE sample of Perfect World for ten days, so being the Sample Queen, I of course, had to go get it before they ran out. I went there, waited a bit for them to open, talked to some old ladies, and got my free sample. Woo hoo!

Well, this has turned out to be good. Good Thursday. Offer Letter Thursday! Free Stuff Thursday! Great Compliment Thursday! (ok now imagine me running through the house, arms in the air, like
Kevin on Home Alone screaming...)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I got a job I got a job I got a job I got a job I got a job I got a job I got a job I got a job!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Music and Memories

You know what is the most unfair? When a song comes on and it is a song you completely love but the fact that it reminds you of your EX or some pathetic friend in your life makes you turn the dial and move on, or click on if you are listening to the Inernet.

I love songs from Def Leppard and Dokken but everytime I hear them it reminds me of him. Then of course I get to thinking, what is wrong with his head. I mean, at one point in time I loved this person and we got along well. We had children together. We laughed and had fun. Then of course something went awry and it all broke apart. So for years now, I can't listen to song sI love because of this person? I think not.

I think we need to change those memories. May all music memories be good ones and if not make them ones!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Do you ever think about those things that you never got in life? Maybe there are things you would like to change in your life? Maybe there are things you would like changed but have no control over it. Well, this is me and flowers.

In all my life..wait..now I have to think about it... ah..nope...in all my life I have NEVER recived flowers from a delivery service from anyone. EVER. I have been brought flowers. I have been bought flowers on the spot. I have had someone I didn't know at Universal studios hand me a flower to "brighten my day". I have sent other flowers, I have bought flowers and made paper flowers.

But nope, no way no how have I ever been sent flowers. My spouse would not think of such things. He does not think about the little things. Even though he has been married to me for almost 8 years he still does not get the concept that the little tiniest fragments of things can enlighten my day to the point of skipping!

Maybe I am being selfish and thinking such things. I mean at least I have been given flowers at some point in time. I know some people who probably in their life haven't even had such things as this. But this is important to me. Maybe they don't care. I don't know.

I had a friend recently tell me "I also think men should do things to make a woman feel good everyday. Even if it's not tangible things; it's how a woman views the way she is treated when in a group of other women talking about how they are treated * that woman should feel good about the way she is being treated in comparison to her friends."

I fully agree.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Got offer

Ok so I finally get an offer and decide to tell my friend and instead of JUST saying "Congratulations" I was on the receiving end of much unsolicited info. Even though I have said, no I don't need any.

I have only received one other FT offer in my life and that was years ago. I am excited! I wanted someone to be happy with me. IT didn't happen. She doesn't understand. This is a job. a real job. It pays. Money.

Right now I am more financially strapped than I ever have been. I am trying to make the right decision. I am trying to get moeny in my pocket.

Hold out. Holding out is great, but that doesn't put food on my table or pay my car payment. I have no furniture in my house right now! Geez. It would be great to live at a University with my boyfriend and only have small bills to pay, but by the time CS takes out half I am working for peanuts anyway!

I jsut wanted to share my news.
I jsut wanted someone to say "congratualtions".

Is that too much to ask, really?

The Job Waiting game

Well, I am going completely out of my mind waiting for jobs to decide if they do or don't want me. Companies take forever to decide these things and they don't give you updates or anything. What gets me is that I have been seen how bosses get when they finally decide on someone and then that persons says , "Oh, well I took another job, thanks." The companies get so irate when people do this, but if they never give you updates on what they are thinking about you, how do you know they haven't moved on??

I was just discussing this with my friend and we were talking about how in the 50's companies had the courtesy to say, "We went another way." or "We are still decidding." Now adays they tell you nothing. What do they expect you to just sit there and wait for you to put all your eggs in one basket and wait for just them?

DUH!! HELLO! If you are looking for work, it is because you NEED a job!

My other friend said it is good that I am being aggressive in my job search! I didn't know I was being agressive, but well good. I just want a job. I need cash flow people! I am tired of interviewing and emailing and resume editing and conference calling, jsut decide already!!!!

***Update*** One of the companies said they will let me know by the end of the day. I saw them 2 weeks ago. Am I ancy or doesn it normally take this long? Geez!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Don't say Bored

Well, I was scolded from my agency for telling the client I was bored. Well, they asked!!! Oh well. 3 more days 3 more days if I don't get fired then blackballed at least. I love Adecco, they have been great to me. The problem is sometime a new person comes on and they don't know me so they give me grief. But all in all they have been the best to me. I used Rememdy and they have real low key, low paying work. For all you temps out there...keep your heads up...things have to get better!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am working a temp job this week. It is, to me, the msot boringest job int he world. I hate reception jobs. Sit there,look pretty, do nothing. Plus the pay is yuck for what I usually make but it is something. By the time I get paid CS will take half so it will be earning less than minimum wage after all is taken out and I am not even getting tips. Maybe I should start a tip jar and see what happens. :) Funny. I need to put that on my other blog. Usually work takes my mind off other thing, but this job is so boring I have to do things to take my mind off of work and then take my mind off of those things too! If I do all that...where is my mind?

Try and have a great day.
Ok have a good day.
Ok, just get out of your pajama's already, ok?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Lonely house again

The house is quiet
The rooms are vacant
The noises are gone
The food is there
The kitchen is clean
The laundry is done
The shoes are in place
The chores are mine again
The world is back to normal
in this little place of mine

Back to a world of no children
or sounds
or fighting
or messes

my heart is lonely
My heart is sad
I miss them oh so much

unless you've lived this life of mine
you would never understand
but thank you for your empathy anyway.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Getting by

Well, the summer is over and we are getting by. The boys go home in a few days. Back to a home where I am not a prt of. Back to a town that keeps you from reality. Back to a life they have to lead, that they would probably rather not. Another day gone by, 5 weeks come and gone. I can't beleive I won't see them for a WHOLE year! How can I not see my own children for a year? I missed so many first and now I won't be there for dating, driving, and working.

Well, we all lie in the bed we make or play the hand we are dealt. I guess this is part of their trial and training as well. I sure will miss them. I already have cried my tears this week, though I am sure I will cry more. Though my life goes topsy turvy when they are here, it is different, things get crazy, but I miss them still.

It is jsut so hard to live my life sometimes knowing up from down and not having an identity crisis. Most of the year I am a part of a couple, a few times out of the year and 5 weeks int he summer I am a full time mother, the rest of the time Scott works so much that though I am a couple, I am alone a lot so it feels like I am single. I am the piece from Smallville that is unlike anyother that doesn't fit anywhere but one place...God's place.

Sigh...Well, back to the job hunt, getting ready for the boys to leave, preparation for next week, and preparing for interviews to get back to work. Welcome to my life...hold on tight...it's going to be a bumpy ride. :)