Monday, September 10, 2012

Burning Question: What would you be more of if you let go of the past?

I would be more trusting. I have been burnt so many times before that even though people say I am far TOO TRUSTING I am no longer trusting with men or when it comes to love.

Men have hurt me since I was little. I was molested, rape, beaten and bruised. I don't talk about it much anymore because I have let go of much of it. But I know , deep down inside there is a still a piece...a piece of that hurt that I feel like I can never let go. Men often let me down by their words or deeds and I can trust many people on many levels with many things.

But I won't ever give one man my heart fully again....

My first husband and I had many issues and he hurt me in many ways.

My second husband let me down far too often by being irresponsible and not taking care of things in our life as he promised and said he would.

Then my last boyfriend and I dated for four years and I fully gave him my heart. I let go of my past and got healed through recovery. I moved to where he lived, I made friends with his friends and I waited. Waited for him to desire to marry me. After hour years of back and forth between us and constant issues he broke up with me and then three weeks later proposed to someone who came into his life from his past.

My heart just won't fully trust. It won't fully love. I am scared.

So that is the answer to your What would you be more of if you let go of the past? I would be more trusting

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