Monday, July 01, 2013

Time to Be Fabulous

I have been told so often lately that I am an inspiration to others that it has really made me think about what I say and do and how those things are reflected.

I have heard Famous people say dumb things when they got famous or big like "I never expected to be a role model"

Does one really EXPECT to be a Role Model?

I think it happens. I think when you are who you are and you are REAL that slowly this starts just HAPPENING.  I think people start liking that you for who you are and one thing leads to another. They like your message. They like your person. They like your examples.

A good friend recently posted in a comment and I re-posted

 "Climb to the top with integrity"
 I found it very powerful because I am working very hard to reach my dreams, strive for my goals and get higher and soar higher... as I journey on this climb it is important to me to do as JJ Heller says to

Leave a fragrance behind

I desire that is such a profound way.

I say quite often to BE FABULOUS and have started a new Campaign to do just that. I even started having Fabulous Fridays on my TrishaTrixie pages. I carry it through to my business. I carry this message through to my life.

I want it to be a voice of encouragement to others. I want others to see how Fabulous and Wonderful they are. I want people to realize and see that life is out there, miracles are out there, their dreams and goals are out there, they just need to see the FABULOUS in themselves, in life, in everything. 

I have been through much. Yet still, I not only endure, I not only survive...I LIVE. And in living, I try to live Fabulously.

If you are interested in joining this group of encouragement check it out here 

Isn't it Time to Be Fabulous for you?

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  1. This is a very inspiring post, I will check out your group... I guess I need to feel fabulous