Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am not a White Frog

In my quest to know more about Asperger's, I have started looking for movies that are about this or autism. I found a movie called White Frog. It is about a family dealing with Asperger's in two sons and after the loss of the older son in a fatal accident, the younger son learns more about his brother through his friends and connections and in the end, learns so much more about himself.

Here are some clips on YouTube about the movie...It is also on Netflix and amazing to watch.

Grandma said a long time ago that Vietnamese people used to eat coconut frogs. Oh yeah. Coconut AND frogs. They’d take a coconut and make a small cut and insert a tadpole. Then, a few weeks later, they’d open up the coconut to find a blind frog with white skin.

After a couple weeks, you open the coconut and you’ll see a blind frog with, with white skin. And it’ll have the smoothest skin and the softest coconut flavored meat.

For most of my life, I’ve been like one of those tadpoles growing up in this strange world that never seemed right, but trying my best to fit in to grow into a frog. After spending time at the firehouse, it hit me. Our parents wanted us to be perfect. They had an image of what perfect should be. But in the end, I don’t deserve to live in a coconut. No one does…I am not a white frog and I will not be a white frog. Even if I’m weird or different or strange. 
‘Cause you know what? Everyone is different.
Thank you the makers of this movie. You have helped me see, hear and understand Asperger's in a new light, a new way and a new vision for my own future!

Music Missing Piece from "White Frog"

I love this song and I can understand why so many with Asperger's might resonate with it. 

If you would like the "White Frog" Soundtrack you can find it here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 (You can listen here)
(I also found it on Spotify)

and of course, on the official web page:

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