Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

I am a true believer in Life Lessons. You know, these things that happen in our life and we think "What the?" or "why is this happening to me?" or perhaps we are even upset and angered about it "This isn't fair"

I like to look at these things that happen, these stumbling blocks of life that throw us for a loop and look at the lesson it is serving.

"What is the lesson to be learned here? Id this for me for for someone else? Is this character building for me? Is this something someone else needs to see me go through to learn? Am I an Instrument in His Hands? Always. <3

Life is hard.

It is also short when you really think about our full existence. I saw this example once where the guy on stage had a long long rope. And at the tip of it he had wrapped it with red duct tape. It was wrapped maybe two inches in length. That's it! He said

"This is you and your existence. this whole rope. this part here marked off in red is your life on earth. What are you not doing right now that now knowing this changed your mid and you see now what you are to do?"

Really made me think.

If our life is that short, why the heck aren't people living it up? Why do they not see how wonderful life is? How do they not take every moment as an opportunity to learn?

Maybe their eyes are not yet opened and the trial or adversity they are facing is to open their eyes and see? Maybe they need to learn patience, tolerance, endurance...trials have a surefire way of teaching you that. Maybe they need to see how you handle your struggle to know that it can be done, they one can fight, that one can conquer, that one warrior can win!! If that be the case, may I be that warrior for you. <3

I don't know why things happen good or bad.

I just know that Life is.

Life is.

Simple as that.

Everything else after that is all a Life Lesson in one form or the other and I relish in the opportunity to learn. Through me. Because of me. In spite of me. Whatever.

Life is a beautiful lesson filled with wonderful lesson of growth, character building, adversity facing of endurance, strength, bravery, love, tolerance, patience and love.

No matter what...I always love you. <3

I believe in you.<3

Now Go forth and Be I know you already are. <3

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