Thursday, June 01, 2017

Behind the Mask

Many people see me lately with a mask. Because I am doing chemotherapy and need the best cell counts possible, I wear a mask. It keeps me safe from YOU, who is carrying the germs and could get me sick. "I" am not the one YOU need protected from, it is the other way around.

"I need protection from YOU"

You see you don't know if you are carrying germs and I can't take that chance.

Wearing a mask has been, well...interesting. I made some realizations I wanted to share with you.

wearing a mask can be fun 

Wearing a mask can be liberating 

Wearing a mask can make you feel safe

Wearing a mask can be scary at times

Wearing a mask can be stylish

Wearing a mask (and Colon Cancer Awareness Beads) can make you an advocate

Wearing a mask is bad ass (especially with a unicorn swirl in your hair and jacket with pins on it

Wearing mask does NOT always make me Happy...BUT I DO always SMILE behind my masks
because life can give you lemons and rocks and tornadoes and all sorts of storms in life....but if you keep smiling, you can make it through it all...

 and noticed that even though you can't SEE my smile, you can see my EYES and the eyes ARE
the window to the soul. So if you see me (or someone in a mask) look at their eyes

Wearing a mask has been, well...interesting. . .

On my toughest days, I was STILL able to smile and make others laugh

I smiled even when I thought I MIGHT lose my hair (I didn't but boy was I scared)

I love to smile ( as you can see here)

Me in a very candid moment of giggling and smiling a TRUE smile

( odd that looking back I realize this is almost right before my Cancer Diagnosis
and though I was in  alot of pain during this time, no one knew because I just kept smiling)

You never know what others are going through, so be kind.
#itsthatsimple #bekind

My word of the Year. It could be SMILE, because to me...
it means the same.
Behind the mask...

She smiles
She laughs
She giggles

Behind the mask...

She cries
She mourns
She struggles

Behind the mask...

She is real
She is authentic
She is raw

Behind the mask...

She lives
She loves
She friends

Behind the mask...

She hurts
She heals
She hopes

Behind the mask...

Is a woman
Is a being
Is real

Behind the mask...

You wanna know?
You wonder why?
You cant' HELP but stare?
Your child can't help but stare?

Honestly, just ask..because...

the stares hurt
the whispers are at times unbearable
the laughter cuts through me like a knife

Honestly, just ask..because...

Behind the mask...

Is a person
just trying to survive
just trying to live another day
just trying to live those mottos
breathe in the mantras
say the manifestations
believe in the intentions
love beyond measure
laugh whenever possible
let my eyes be wet with life

One day I will have colored beautiful long hair again

Until then I will rock my shirt haircut with smiles and style

Until then, I will keep being me. 

I will write memes and quotes and share them. I will make E-Books and sell them, I will design fabulous Fashion Illustrations and Designs by Trisha Trixie Designs and sell them. 

I will help others with their mindfulnes goals and lives they desire and I will help them, if I can, 
to Design the Life they Desire, and Just Be with Juste Etre in their own space. 

I will love and encourage other women through The Good of Sisterhood and Ms. Courage. 

I will continue to Model and have fun getting paid or not through The Vintage Fashionista. 

I will continue to be a fabulous entrepreneur with amazing wisdom that I can share with others and Sprinkle Fabulous everywhere I go with Trisha Trixie Sprinkler of Fabulousness. 

I incite change with my Colon Cancer Advocate Awareness.  

I change lives EVERY DAY with Starfish Savers: Making a difference One Starfish at a Time.

 I will change lives with my book. I will move souls with my speeches.

I am not like any other woman you are going to ever meet.

I am a Renaissance Woman.

Hear me quietly roar in my happiness.

XoXo~Trisha Trixie <3

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