Saturday, January 26, 2019

Remember who you wanted to be

I have wanted to get back to my writing for some time now. Of course, life gets in the way. Toastmasters now takes up more o my time and I find myself trying to fit in my business with Toastmasters, not the other way around. We are nearing the end of January and recent events have helped me to see that I need to alter this point of view.

While Toastmasters is a great leadership organization full of people it is full of people. Not everyone is going to be nice, kind or respectful. Trying to explain why I feel a lack of respect to others has been a moot point.

I got to thinking, why is that?

#1 they are not me.

They have not been through what I have been through. They have not overcome toxic people and dealt with people trying to shame me all my life. They have not had the trials and adversities I have. They have not walked a mile in my shoes.

They have not had to overcome what I have. Death, Loss, Rape, molestation, self-harm, abuse, addiction...cancer. Maybe one or two have had to deal with one or two of these things, but I have yet to meet anyone who had all the same as me.

I am a unicorn.

I know I am.

I am unique and different. Not just because I was made that way, but because I became that way.

I knew in each of these trials in my life I had a choice.

1- crawl under the covers and retreat and do not face the world. Is that you? Is that what you are doing right now while reading this?

2-Overcome. WAke up and realize not everyone is bad. Not everyone is mean. Not everyone is hurtful. Maybe this is you.

Or maybe you are caught in the in-between. Wanting to overcome, wanting to be better, wanting to be happy and wanting to change.

While yes, I have tools, a book, a workbook and so on, this is not where I am going to sell them to you. You have to find them and maybe you will find mine.

This is a place for me to vent, to get out those evil thoughts I just can't keep in my head anymore.

This is a place where I want you to know that you are not alone.

I have been where you are.

We as humans have the ability to adapt and overcome.

Let's make 2019 the year where we both make that happen.

XOXO Trisha Trixie

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