Thursday, February 09, 2006

Life in 06

Well I figured I better update this especially as someone who loves journaling I haven't been consistent on my blog, but I have in my journal books. In fact I even bought one recently that I am going to redecorate.

Well, I am on the job hunt again. The mortgage company I was working for was not a good fit. I may take some temp jobs again. My spouse and I are working on our biz and it looks like this one might pan out.

So of course as new years go that mean new resolutions so here goes:

In 2006 I:

Will write in a journal more
Will seriously work on the biz
Will take things lighter
Will be softer
Will trust less people
am not going to wear my heart on my sleeve
am going to be more careful
am going to sit on my Yoga ball once a week
am not going to get into anything legal (if possible)
will make it through the year

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