Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life and times

I hate my job. I think my boss hates me. I think she is trying to drive me crazy so I will leave.
People complain about me. Now I am syruppy sweet, walking on eggshells and questionsing myself. This of course is very stressful. I think I might be getting an ulcer.

The only thing that makes this bearable is my friends- A, R, B, and S. Hey. I jsut noticed if I had a friend with a Y name I would ARByS. How funny. ARBS are all good to me. S and B are guys and Aand R are gal pals. R is very awsome and I really like her. A is a new friend and has really helped me through lately.

B and S give me crap all the time, but generally are very kewl...

Some of my non work friends said I never update the blog, but I didn't want to gripe all the time. So here I am updating the blog, soory for the gripe. Get over it as the Eagles say.

Well, have a Happy New Year and take care.

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