Friday, June 16, 2006

New Job New site New life

Where to start...

I have a new job working fashionIsland, NB. I love it it is for a huge company and very well known so I wont name them. I love it, I lvoe my boss. It is a woman but she actually likes me and is kind so we get along and we are very similar and have much in common.

My spouse and I are now Incoporated and all is starting to progress well there. We are corp to corp with our companies and things are looking better there. We have a few websites up and things are good. Maybe we will be big somday...who knows.

My friends are all moving all over heck and back and I havent talk to C for forever. E is moving to colorado and all the people I really know are gone. S is working inNY most of the time and I only see him every other weekend.

It is very hard. I feel so very alone...more than I have in a very long time. I want to share with someone how sad I am that E has moved, but I don't think anyone would understand.

Plus we have had personally a lot of financial difficulties and problems, things going wrong, etc.

Sometimes it gets to be too much to bear. But I was waching a show last night and it said" You never know what life will throw your is a good thing God is my catcher!"

I loved that.

Well, Im off to work and tonight S will be home for a few days.

I prob wont get to write until S leaves again...but we will see.

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