Saturday, August 19, 2006

Changes/No Sleep

Have you ever woken up so early becuse your mind is reeling and racing with so many thoughts that you can't sleep? Well, that happened this morning. I had a wonderful saturday to sleep and I woke up at 6:30. Woo hoo. I slept in for 30 min. I am so wound up with thoughts. It is like synapsis of thoughts running through my head.

Work: changes need to be made at work. I should be driving my peers like my boss wants me to. I shuld be guiding, but not driving. Iw ill have to let my boss know.

Work: I am a little overwhelmed with all the things I am doing, Executive support, Admin, file organization, purchasing, IT, whoa.

Home office: we need to clean things out, move things around, straighten. We need to discern between reponsibilites, etc.

Friends: haven't heard from C in awhile? What is up?

Friends: E is very far away.

Kids: I hope A and N are ok.

Food: I am kind of hungry

Sleep: I can't beleive I only slept in for 30 min. What a maroon.

S: why does he have to snore so loud?

Work: I think all the girls around me hate me. They all think I am trying to take over but I am only doing what my boss is telling me. Am I going over the top? I am going to tone it down a lot this week. Even after N gets back I think I am jsut going to keep to myself and not talk to anyone or ask them anything.

Work: I hate it when I feel like that

are you tired reading this yet? Geez no wonder I woke up.

Well I have to go shower, get ready for the day, etc. I have a lot of office things to do designing logos, Excel sheets and workbooks, expense, and all that.

Pick up B and get crackin.

Gott run

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