Thursday, January 04, 2007

AUUUGH no more wedding things please

This wedding thing is tiring I will tell you. Whew. I am still calling people and emailing and tracking down phone numbers for people I don't have emails to. Then call and make sure my family knows they are personally invited. Then track down old friends who have not called me in awhile, but I know A)they would feel upset if they weren't invited and b) they woudl feel bad if they didn't answer so I keep bothering. ok, well we finally get to talk to two of them. One family says yes most liekly one says sorry...travelling.

Now I cross people off. Go over what we still need. Discuss purchases and gift cards and more.

Discuss discuss and more talking and arranging. ARGH!!

I have no phone numbers or address and emails for my son in law's family. How do I involve them and make them feel a part of this when I have no way to reach them. sigh. I need to call my future son in law and get some of thee numbers. I need to do my part as "the mom" even though I am the wicked stepmother to her. I have a big ugly wart (insible you see) to her. But someday...maybe someday she will be thankful...maybe she will be happy about my part...maybe she will want me there with the bridal room...but probably not...JSUT her mother! More than likely.

Sigh....another day in wedding planning

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