Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let it Snow Let it snow

Well, we arrived back on Sunday night and Monday morning awoke to snow. It has been sprinkling snow off and on for the past few days but nothing really. Now it is Saturday and tonight we are supposed to receive more snow after midnight into Sunday. I guesswinter is now upon us. I don't mind it somuch and liek tha now. It is pretty but when I step outside and it feels arctic that's whenI mind.

I did take some pics and I will try tp get them up on the site for you. Nothing like my friends inother places have so I really shouldn't say anything. I even changed my Avatar up above to a Snow Pat if you didn't notice. She even looks like me lately. Black coat, long scarf (cept mine is pink of course) and a hat. Too cute if I do say so myself! ;)

So wedding is over... THANK GOODNESS. Now on to bigger and better things. WORK. Oh how fun. We are still workingonthe websites and actually jsut hired our first employee an Accountant. Well the weather loks yucky out there andI'm hungry so I think I hear some Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal calling me. laters!

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