Friday, April 16, 2010

In Love with the World

She was more in love with the world than anyone I have ever met before. She lived for life and love and happiness. She savored the world with every drop, every bite, every moment. She moved with style and grace and confidence. Her presences was alluring and when you were near here you were captured by her spell.

A moth to a flame knew better than those to come around her. The moth sees the shiny, bright light and moves toward it. I wonder if the moth knows the closer he gets the more likely hood he can get singed? If so, why does he still move towards it. Each time his wings get a little burnt, yet he continue to moves forward again each time burning off a piece of himself. But the glory of it all is that if he subjects himself completely to the light he will burn away his old self and become a new into anything he desires to be. He is not like the butterfly where cocoons and only has one choice but to become a butterfly.No, he can become anything.

She too is her own moth, yet she is in her own ever changing and growing world. She is a gypsy. She is a magician. She can transforms to become anything. It is only a matter of desire. If she chooses to stay stale and stagnant in her world she becomes disdain and unhappy. Through changes she becomes more amazing, more beautiful, more wonderful if that is even possible.

She makes you want to feel. to feel the world around you. She makes you want to taste it as she tastes it. Being drawn to her can be dangerous, but not being drawn is hell.

She wants you to be drawn to her. She wants to be wanted. She wants to be loved. She wants to be in the world. She wants to be of the world. She wants to live and to love and to be happy.

To be there with her in her world. The world of living and savoring life and it's preciousness, is heaven. It is like gambling and the one who is there is lucky enough to be chosen.

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