Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Girl - Trust

I know I don;t always say the right thing and my mouth runs away from me, but I am trustworthy ya know. I go to church maybe not all the time but I do all the right things, listen to the right music, stay faithful and do the best things a girlfriend can do.

It seems so unfair that girls like B and R are stupid and do things a bad girlfriend shouldn't do and they get rings and offers of marriage and love and admiration and what do I get? I get pushed off in the distance and told things like " I don't know what I want" and " I'm not 100%" and " I may want a baby and you don't want one so I don't know" and then there's these looks i get when I say something like I said last night.

No, there is no one else I just don't say things that make sense. Just because something appears that way doesn't mean it always IS that way. To me is APPEARS you may have a girl on the side, but I don't believe that to be true. why does it appear that way? Well, you don't want to commit, you like your bachelor life, you keep talking about having a baby, all these things I can't give there someone who can???

I can read into things to you know?

I am a good girl. I can be trusted. I don't think you do. You give me the impression you don't and you have told me far too many times you don't. I don't know if I can take another time of you telling me you don't. why stay with someone who you don't trust. What kind of relationship is that?

Why am I with someone who doesn't trust me? Maybe that is the question I should be asking?

I am good and faithful and honest and true. and I love you.

Maybe you want a B or an R.

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