Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I just watched this amazing video watching sons and daughters run into the arms of moms and dads they haven't seen in awhile. Though they were from parents from the military it made me so sad because I felt a connection from this because I longed so much to run into the arms of my father and hold him once again. I longed for the day when he would one day return to me. It would have been ideal that he was just away on a long trip or on an assignment.

It hurts my heart so bad sometimes to see things like this because I feel so much pain and anguish feeling left out, feeling sadness like there was a loss in my life, something that was missing that I did not receive in my childhood that other kids had.

I did not have a father to lean on, I did have a father's guidance, or scolding, a father's love or a father' s shoulder to cry on. I did not have a father's arms to cry into, or a father's arms to cry in to.

I know this may sound sad tonight but that video made me sad tonight. Sadness is not a bad thing.

Sunshine and happiness is great but we have to have bitter to know the sweet sweet and we must know sadness to shine the happiness sometimes...

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