Sunday, April 12, 2015

Being in a Relationship

Every morning I wake up with my Hunney Pants and do things to help him out the door.

I sometimes make tea (an sometimes he makes it to wake me up)

when he gets in the shower, I get up and Auto Start his Jeep

Then I prepare his lunch for him, sending him off with something for a snack, something for a mini morning meal, something for lunch (sandwich, soup ingredients he just adds water, or something like ramen etc), make his tea mix for him adding Black tea, roobis, matcha, yerba mate, ginger, gotu kola, ginseng, a little stevia leaves to sweeten, and sometimes a touch of cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper chai mix or some dried fruit berries. From time to time I toss in a little love note to wish him well or let him know how much I appreciate him.

Once in awhile I may pick out his clothes for him or help him match things up. From time to time he asks me what sweater goes with what. (He is a sweater, zip up or pullover guy because his office is always cold no matter the temp) I love sweater or vest guys. :)

Then he generally asks me the weather for the morning and for the day. I look it up on my tablet or smart phone and this decides which coat he wears.

Then I clean up my messes while he gathers his things for the day.

Once he is ready, we always hug, sometimes a peck on the lips or cheek or forehead, and then he is on his merry way. He asks me my plans for the day and we discuss each others day for a moment.

I stand at the door with the kitty cats, watching him leave. I want to make sure he gets out ok, no accidents pulling out of the driveway (our block seems to drive pretty fast) and drives away.

Then I lock the front glass door and carry on my business or tasks.

To some these may seem small or minute to some. However, they are dearly important to the both of us. I help him get ready. He helps me get awake. We take care of each other and we don't leave things one to the other to do alone.

Being in a relationship is more than just a title. To me it is not only a privilege but an honor. I know my ways and views are very "RETRO" but this is how I think, I breathe I a retro state of mind.

We care for each other. We take care of each other. We are interested in what the other is doing. We are engaged in communication. We do things to ensure the other is loved, tended to and cared for.

We know each other's Love Language and we respond to what the other needs. My tops are praise/encouragement and Gifts. His is Physical Touch and Quality Time.

I love my relationship with my Hunney Pants (our nickname for each other) and I know without a shadow of a doubt the he loves me and his relationship with me.

Being in a relationship is not about the wedding, the ring, the kissing, the title or all the external things in life.

Being in a relationship, a good one, is loving each other fully, wholly and 100% on each side.

I feel lucky and honored to be able to call him my fiancee' love him as well as our relationship.

Until Next Time,
Trisha Trixie

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