Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Roadmap to Peace and Happiness

I live my life through voracious eyes like a child. Everything I do, see, touch I take in like a new experience, though I have never seen it before. I taste the air, I envision my future. I touch the world.

I savor life to it's fullest, because I never know which day could be my last.

I tell my friends and family TRULY how I feel and let them know their importance to me, how much I appreciate them, and how much I dearly cherish their friendship.

I aim to be positive no matter what life throws at me.

I know I cannot control the experiences (good or bad) that happen to me or around me, but I can control how I let it affect me and my mood.

Sometimes, I have a good cry, and then I meditate and go on my merry way. We all need the good with the bad.

We need the bitter to taste the sweet. However, we do not have to live in the "badlands of feelings" we can conquer it, we can overcome.

 Each day, each, moment, each breath is a gift. That is why it is called "The Present" I do not live in the past or allow my past to define me.

I do not allow toxic people to keep darkening my door.

I do not allow negative influences, such as negative posts, words, toxic people, tv, radio etc to diminish my level of happiness.

I set and keep boundaries to maintain my happiness. I stand for my rights, desires, and beliefs. I know I am "enough" in all I do and how I am.

When I realize I am "out of whack" chakras are off or I just don't feel "at one" with myself, I stop, take a breath and do all I can to recenter myself.

I am not afraid to ask for help, healing, or connection because I know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength to know who I am really am and be solid enough and strong enough to reach out for assistance or to take it when it is offered to me.

I am still learning the fine art of saying "NO" and when I realize I have taken on too much, do whatever I can to back down from those things or reach out and ask for someone to assist or take over.

I allow others the freedom and desire to assist because I know it helps them as much as it helps me.

My testimony is strong because I have walked through fire and did not get burned. I may have been singed a little but I came out alive. Alive from the hurt, the heartaches, the hardships and the trials.

I know those trials will have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because "blessings come after a trial of faith."

I can stand firm in the eye of a storm now, because I know the wind will die down or I have the choice to walk through the hurricane and suffer the consequences or wait until the storm passes, or bomb has been dropped, etc and dust myself off, check for holes, patch them up if there are any, put a smile on my face...and carry on.

Through the help of Brave Girls Club and many others like Leonie Dawson, Michelle Ward, Jessica Swift, Jaime Ridler, Danielle La Porte, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and more, I have ascended to a higher way of thinking.

So many times people think my life is easy, or simple, or I have a perfect life. That could be non further from the truth.

Success, happiness, joy, luck, opportunity, etc doesn't not land at my feet or magically appear for me.

I work at it! I strive for it! I am determined to attain it. I pray for it, ask for it and manifest it by doing those things with a belief in my heart of attainment, however knowing, if my desire does not happen, then it was not meant to be so and I learn my lesson and move on.

I suffered many trials to get where I am today.

I endured many hardships. I suffered much loss. I witnessed more of my fair share. I have been broken down, I was fragile like glass, I fell off a few shelves.

The difference in me than others at times?

I did not stay down for long. I lifted myself back up, always with help either from a human or a higher power greater than me.

I did not happenstance upon the life I lead.

The difference is I choose happiness.

I chose Fabulous.

I chose to live.

Until next time,
XoXo Trisha Trixie

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