Sunday, May 17, 2015

Snowball Debt Payoffs


Ben and I have a snowball debt payoff plan and we have paid one of our debts off the list and so now I only have two payoffs in my list:

Therapist in Omaha, I only have $225 left to her or 9 payments of $25 a month, which is working out great!!

Child Support Arrearages we only have $7,000 which may sound like a ALOT , however, I originally owed $20,000 plus just a yer ago so we have been snowballing the SHIT out of this debt....

Here's why...

CSRU locks down your passport if you owe over $2,500 to them. Which means nowadays, you are limited ONLY to the Mexico, no Canada, no Europe...

That sucks because Ben and I want to go to Canada in Nova Scotia where he was in immersion French school and we want to travel to the south of France and so on...

This year we have WAY too many things that need big chunks of payment so it won't get paid off this year, BUT he just told me before the end of next year we will have it paid off. Which tickles me pink!

I already feel, in just thinking about it, that I won't even know what to do with myself when that happens. I have been paying on that debt since 1993!!! Yes, there were times it didn't get paid which is why so much is owed and I won't go into why that happened with the exception to say, if you owe child support and you think it is a daunting responsibility, think about your future and if you want to be tied to that debt forever? If not, pay it now. Pay what you can, let them garnish you, let them take your taxes, the more they do, the more your debt it paid and it keeps that debt down.

I don't like being handcuffed to a financial responsibility as I am sure MOST people wouldn't either.

Having that debt has interfered with my life in so many ways and looking back, that ALL could have been avoided.

Don't let anyone else tell you not to pay it either.

I do't take if your spouse wants to put money elsewhere or you think you want to do other things than pay that dent, I will tell you, DON'T.

Be financially responsible and just pay it! PAY IT!

For me now, I can see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

I can almost feel the air of financial freedom.

I can almost touch the joys of having that debt paid off will grant me.

Don't allow yourself to get behind on your payments or leave gaps of non payment in your Child Support history.

Work three jobs if you have to, make money on the side by doing crafts, whatever it takes to earn money to pay it, it is worth it.

Be a person of credibility, a person of trust, a person who is a credible and honorable person by taking care of it.

...You will thank yourself later when you look back and see honor and credibility in your past so you can happiness and joy in your future!

Until Next Time,

XoXO Trisha Trixie

We didn't use or read Dave Ramsey, but if you don't know where to start he is a great resource

I used Andrea from ABC Creativity aka The Creative Dream Incubator

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