Monday, November 30, 2015

Some Days

Some days just aren't what you thought they would be.

That can be good and bad.

Things kept going wrong, my computer kept crashing, again. Food kept falling on the floor, the tea I made was wrong...I just felt like going back to bed.

I thought today I would be spending time looking online,buying online games with #HunEPants and doing fun things.

Instead, a friend who was visiting in town needed a place to hang for a bit, they thought they were gonna crash but I think I board the hell outta them and they in turn ate then left. We talked for awhile and visited and that was fun, just again, not what I thought it was going to be. HunEPants stayed in his cave playing games and relaxing through the evening.

After the friends left, I went online and spent the rest of my time working out gift arrangements for his family. Which seems to always be one of those thankless tasks. I still feel it is a wife's duty to help out her man and get all that organized, cards, letters, gifts etc. Thankless or not.

Then in an effort to try and find a cord for me, he spilled something all over a bag of mine which, of course, didn't make me too happy.

Now, all of a sudden he has a headache and is going to bed.

I can't win for losing.

Now I am scrambling to look online for Any CyberMonday Deals "I" may want.

Some just feels like a non starter.

Yet instead, I do what I feel what must be done.


Keep my wits about me.

Make everything that was lemons into lemonade...and add vodka...lots of it.

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