Tuesday, December 08, 2015

My Fabulous Retro Tranquil Day

I realized I have been pretty stressed out lately. There have been so many changes, the end of the year is coming, this week marks the 35th anniversary of my father's passing, my menstruals started, I restarted acupuncture again, i haven't been sleeping well and my back and neck hurt a lot but I rarely talk about it beause 1: who wants ot hear that, 2: it is off better character to not dwell on these things and see the positive or have a positive attitude despite the pains and ailments.

We had a great weekend then Monday, whammo everything hurt and I barely wanted to go to acupuncture. Though it helped, I feel like it made my head worse and that has happened twice now, so uh yeah me and the doc are gonna be talking. Perhaps I overdid it this weekend as me and a friend as well as others, collected and put together 200 blessing bags, then we went to the 1940's Winter Ball at the Denver Wings Museum and then Sunday went downtown, handed out blessing bags and went to the chistkindl German Market. I wouldn't think that was a lot but maybe it was.

Regardless today I woke with a  migraine and my back hurt. I took the TCM herbs teh doc gave me and then took one of my cannabis herbs and lied there in bed for about an hour meditating with Calm.com and letting everything work. I lied there with a heating pad on my back, a heating bag on my head and an aromotherapy bag with scented herbs under my neck.

When I did get up I really didnt want to get online but I did to get Buffer.com and a few emails and such caught up and then I went to my Retro Cleaning list. The Kitchen looked like a tornado went through it and I wanted to escape in Retro Wife Land.


I follow Newbie Nesters Cleaning Lists for the Day and Week. Since I was behind on my cleaning and really didn't do a complete FALL CLEANING I did as many days as I could.

Monday - Kitchen

  q  Complete daily routine
q  Apply oven cleaner and let sit
q  Dust window shades, sills and baseboards
q  Clean and wash 2 cupboards and 2 drawers in a weekly rotation
q  Wipe down cabinet doors and walls behind sink and stove
q  Wipe down all appliances
q  Clean fridge: inside/out
q  Clean stove: inside/out
q  Wash garbage bin
q  Clean drain
q  Wash or beat rugs
q  Sweep, vacuum and mop floor

I got to work on the kitchen, putting dishes in the dishwasher and hand washing the rest. Then I added the handmade detergent mix I got off of Wellness Mama. Put in each part and left out vinegar and lemon to see it it made a difference in the film on the glasses we were having.

Then, I got to work on the oven. I took out the racks and then turned on the self cleaning feature. I would do this part by hand with baking soda and vinegar for the oven cleaner but since mine is self cleaning, I am gonna give it a go.

I did however make a paste and put it on the racks. First I spritzed with water then add the paste recipe for Over Cleaning I found here http://yumuniverse.com/make-your-own-inexpensive-toxin-free-natural-oven-cleaner/

I used one of my marinating brushes to apply the paste. Then I let that sit and go onto the next on her list...

I cleaned every cupboard and drawer, inside and out, top of the drawer and cupboard, the sides, you name it, I washed everyone and ours are so tall now, I needed to get the step stool. Who needs Jenny Craig when you Newbie Nesters? :)

Since I was going by the oven and stove I snuck in at that point to take the time to scrub the front and drawer underneath as well as the stovetop and the banister where we keep our mainly used spices. I even organized them and put my pie bird away!

Then I swept up the floor and emptied it in my little yellow rose floral dustpan I got at TJ Maxx and swept all the floors nearby as well.

Then, just as grandma would, I got down on all fours and started misting and scrubbing and using a knife to get off the crusties if need be, I even cleaned up the cat barf that had been there since the summer (no judging. smirk). I tried to use a shine cleaner to shine up the floor but when that didn't work I looked up DIY Wood Oil Cleaner and found one from Everyday Roots

Olive-Oil lemon polish
You will need…
-1 ½ cups of olive oil
-1 cup of lemon juice OR several drops of lemon essential oil
-2 clean cloths
-Spray bottle (optional)
Then again, got down on my hands and knees and with a micro fiber for wood oil I polished my floor! Ok, so it's a tad bit slippery so I think a good game of human wood sliders is in order! lol

Since Tuesday is the bathroom and I actually JUST deep cleaned it last week, all I did in there was kitty litter, sweep and then oil mop.

Then I am caught up for Wednesday.

However I still needed to get caught up on the daily list:

Open blinds & windows
o    Make beds
o    Make breakfast
o    Clean up breakfast
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep Did this this afternoon
o    Shower & get ready for the day
o    Gather a basket for tidying. (I have an apron for this instead)
o    Straighten up living room & dining room
o   Fold blankets
o   Put away toys, movies, etc
o   Light dusting/cleaning
o   Water plants
o    Tidy bedrooms
o   Light dusting/cleaning
o   Hang any clothes lying around
o   Put dirty clothes in hamper
o    Tidy bathrooms
o   Remove and replace used towels
o   Refill toilet paper and soap
o   Clean sink, vanity, and mirror
o    Review menu for the day
o    Handle any errands like grocery shopping
o    If returning from grocery shopping:
o   Wash veggies and fruit
o   Put groceries away
o    Make lunch
o    Clean up lunch
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep
o    Begin preparation for supper
o    Put one load of laundry in machine (delay until 7pm)
o    Fold yesterday’s laundry and put it away
o    *Handle weekly chore
o    Set table for dinner
o    Quick sweep of main floor and clean up entryway
o    Prepare dinner
o    Freshen up for your husband
o    Serve dinner
o    Clean up dinner
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep
o    Pour boiling water down drain to ensure pipes are flushed
o    Throw out garbage
o    Pack lunches
o    Give all areas a quick tidy
o    Organize clothes and things for the next day

So finally got all that done. #HunEPants came how when I was cleaning up. I still was cleaning the fan blades and since they are so tall I had to stand on a ladder to get to them. I stood on the bed for the bedroom one and nearly scared me and the cts half to death when I felt like I was gonna fall. 
He was so shocked that the whole apartment was so shiny and clean. He was teasing me about how shiny the floor was and I said all we need now is some twister circles and some more oil! lol He got a chuckle out of that. 
We had dinner and then of course, there are dinner dishes to do.
Then I made tea and then were tea dishes to clean. I finally had to walk way...lol

So I came back here to tell you my tales.

When HunEPants asked why did I clean all day, it really made me think before answering.

In the words of Forrest Gump (slightly switched)" I just felt like cleaning." 

This morning my body ached every which way. I realized if I continued to lie there I would just feel worse. I knew by moving around my period cramps at least would feel better. So I waked and baked, grabing a little edibles to get me through the day and some TCM herbs in my morning tea and donw my Retro Cleaning list I went.

I know it was also in part that I really didn't want to get behind the computer. I was on it long enough to start Spotify then I got off. Cleaning all day I did.My floors are shiny, my cupboards are clean, my oven was clean, every inch of the kitchne right down to the appliances were clean. The bedroom was tidy and clean and even the bathroom has a sparkle to it.

HunEPants noticing this of course, made me very happy.

The other part was that I didn't really want to think. I didn't want to answer emails. I didn't want to possibly end up in Facebook drama or email drama. I didn't want to get online to Buffer things. I just wanted to clean. Listen to music and clean.

So that's what I did.

All damn day.

You know what?

It felt great. Real sense of accomplishment. And I had a quiet peaceful day.

Now I am caught up on my cleaning and ready for Wednesdays tasks, though since I have meeting on Wednesdays I might have to move that to Thursday.

I really DO love being a housewife.

I want to be more of a housewife! (Well, I am sure you don't hear THAT very often in 2015)

I want to can vegetables and pick berries and feed chickens and all that.

I have been dreaming often about a cabin in the woods and the base of a mountain so much so I told HunEPants maybe I should write a story about it. Maybe then it will come true.


Just know I had a nice quiet, peaceful, relaxing, cleaning day.

Instead of focusing on drama, I focused on getting the crud off the kitchen floor.

Sometimes, I think we just need a day to ourselves sometimes. 

In the effort of Non-thinking, though I was in DOING mode, it was a different kind of DOING mode. It was DOING, mindfully. I thought about everything I was doing while I was doing it. Just that. Just what I was doing. Cleaning the cupboards, scrubbing the floor, scouring the sink. That's it. Just those thoughts. You know what?

It was the most refreshing day I have had in a long time.

My back is more sore, but it was worth it for the time of tranquility.

Trisha Trixie <3

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