Saturday, January 14, 2017

Feisty, Fierce and Fabulous in 10 Easy Steps

This year I have been working on focusing my goals, desires and habits towards positive and uplifting things. a friend recently bought me a gift of Brave Girls Club courses and then today I got invested in Daily Om Courses.

Out of all the things that seem to resonate with me the words of my title are what keep popping out to me


I strongly feel that is what I need to power through this year.

I need courses and guides and planners and dreambooks that put me and keep me on this path.

So far January isn't over yet but I already feel like I have a great plan for my upcoming year to do just that! Stay on the path. I laugh inside because my mantra for my successful businesses in teh past few years have been "Stay True to the Brand". Of course, why wouldn't I do the same with my own personal life. Stay True to My Path. or Stay True to the Path.

To do this, here is what I have done so far.

Step One: Buy Dreambook and Planner from Dragontree

Step Two: Work Dreambook consistently to focus on my one year, three year, ten year and lifetime goals. (not an easy task mind you when one is fighting colon cancer) As well as stay up to date on regular planning, note taking and journaling.

Step Three: Stay active in Dragontree Facebook group for inspiration and motivation for the plan

Step Four: Get reactivated in Brave Girls Courses (These really helped me back in 2011 when I was really struggling with some interpersonal things and I just knew it would do the same for me now. I am very grateful to my friend who bought me a 3 month subscription to this as a gift)

Step Five: Join Bad Ass Habits from Daily Om (I have done the first two days and am already enthralled with this course)  The habit I have chosen to focus on is Daily Yoga practice. I have had some pretty severe muscle fatigue and neuropathy in my body and hands from my first round of Chemotherapy. Lock jaw, teeth sensitivity as well, and slight nausea, but those went away in a few days. The muscle fatigue and the pain in my hands has been more than I can bear. Luckily after doing two days of yoga, I can type and function with my hands again. Which, for a blogger, make a HUGE difference in my overall emotional well being. I jsut always feel like even I am just typing my words down and no one reads them, I am getting those emotions out and that alone makes me feel better. Then add to it the fact that someone MIGHT see my posts and I MIGHT make a difference in someone elses life, that means the world to me.

Step Six: (This is SUCH a girl thing) Only use the Bad Ass Purse. The Bad Ass Purse is black leather, studded and looks like a motorcycle bag to me. Motorcycles are bad ass, so to me, this purse is also bad ass, kick ass. It makes me feel empowered to use it and make me feel like I can conquer anything.

Step Seven: The Bad Ass clothes (again such a girl thing) I have a black vest that I wear as often as possible. I have been using black eyeliner nearly every chance I get. I put hair chalk in my hair to bring out the fierce and feisty and fabulous in me. I wear what I want, when I want even if others think my style might be a little outrageous. The more outrageous the better! I wear my kick ass (but easy to get into) suede boots or my little gray ones with a silver buckle because both of them say FIERCE to me.

Step Eight: Use Asana to keep all my projects in line and to stay on top of my goals and habits for this upcoming year of 2017

Step Nine: Update and follow my Pursuit of Excellence Goals for this year. Also place in Asana to stay up to date with it.

Step Ten: Live life to those ideals I have laid out. Remember to be Feisty, Fierce, and Fabulous no matter what, all year long, every minute of every day!

XoXo~ Trisha Trixie

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