Sunday, September 11, 2005

Made it thru SW

Well, I made it through the SW (short week). I have the P&P mainly done now and now I am working on another type of tracking. Now B wants me to create a Spreadsheet to track all this money that we are spending on re-recording documents.

I feel like I am the spreadsheet queen lately. I am busy, but I love my job. It is a lot of fun.

It is a slight more challenging than my other positions, but so far I am keepingup with B so it's all good.

I was getting a bit stressed but my friends said I was trying to be too serious and I need to showmore of myself at work. So I have been cracking jokes and trying to be a little more light hearted. Also, I gave the guys who were trying to new Doc Tracking I made last week, a hand designed Thank you card and a bag of Life Saver Gummies. This is me.

I like rewarding people and thanking them. It is important to me (prob cuz I don't her it often) so I assume it is important to others.

My friend C is a VP there and I stopped by and saw him Friday. He talked to me for a bit and gave me some good information. Plus he gave me some recruiting cards to hand out. He is also my neighbor and my spouse, C and I went out to Sushi Sat night and had a chance to socialize outside of work. He is from Australia and a pretty kewl guy. It is always good to have connections.

Well, here goes another week of spreadsheets and tracking. Good news is: I received a new printer. Bad news is: Everyone keep stopping by my desk making some off the cuff comment about how nice it must be to have a new printer. I never can tell if they are being nice or sarcastic and jealous.

This job is going to either be the deth ofmy social life or heighten it, I haven't figured out which yet??


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  1. Hey - it must be nice to have a new printer, huh?

    Sorry - I couldn't resist.

    Ben O.