Saturday, April 28, 2007

Way back home

Friends so far.

I hate that my friends are all so far away. The good news is that my mom is currently on her way back to Iowa where I am at. I jsut foundout that she will be here for awhile at least until October. That is good news for me becuase I really have needed someone here. I know some people have a problem with my mom but all in all she is still my mom. I love her to death and I respect her. I don't always agree with what she says but I value her thoughts.

I will be spending the night with her tonight once she is back. I am looking forward to being with my mom. I am sick. I don't feel well. My stress level is too high. I have to deal with spouse, kid, parents, friends, more and more. I think it jsut broke down and my body said ENOUGH and I got sick.

It doesn't matter whether there are people here or not, I sitll feel alone. I feel weak. I am not strong like I have been. It is a lot to bear and I alwys have to bear it. It is hard. It is not like me to be this way.

I am very glad my mom is on her way back home.

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  1. "I hate that my friends are all so far away." I agree wiht you
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