Thursday, December 20, 2007

Writing catching up

I realized I havent' been writing which for me usually is a good sign that things are going well in my life. JC said the same about his poetry but the more I thought about it I realized that was not a good thing. WE need to nurture the creative sides of ourselves. Perhaps I am thinking about this more because I am reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I don't know. I do know I am very happy with JC. I dare to say crazy happy. HE is so funny and nice and he amkes me laugh. there are issues that concern me but I am trying hard to take it out of my hands and not allow them to bother me. They are so minute it doesnt matter anyway.

Mostly I feel so much passion for him I feel like I am going to burst! I rarely felt this way with him and even when I did it was in the beginning. There isn't anyoen else for me but JC, or so I feel. I hope things continue moving forward. I am scred out of my gourd because it is all so fresh right out of the relationship but JC and I are there for each other and it is nice.

Although sometimes I wonder if he really is there for me as much I need. He makes so maany jokes when I need him to be there and be serious. I know he is trying to make me smile and be happy but there are times I need to feel.

I do truly care about him and hope we can move forward in life. I want to know more about him and know more about his family. I can't beleive we are already taking a trip together. Others say I am predictable about that and that whenever I take a trip it is with someone. special to me.

I can't wait until one day we can be together. Then JC can fully be on our own, no more drama. No more issues. Jsut life. Jsut happiness. Is that too much to ask?

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