Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National Convention

Well, Im off to National Convention...hope to have a good week. I need a break and this seems liek a fun event. Iwill get a fair amoutn of training plus be a part of something real not HS like the chapter here is.

I have a hard time dealing with what is going on with N. I want to be supportive but I don't want to be guilted into being there for him always. The poly is scientific and I jsut can't see it is being a set up but I never know what to beleive inthis town in this place.

I know I take in part in this but he still is the one who made these choices and decisions not me. Does he have a conscience at all? Does he even care? Does he have any empathy? Is he a liar? I don't know but if this truly is the person he is I can't do it. I hope that doesn't sound wrong or bad as aprent but I jsut can't.I know why parents disown thier kids at times like this.

So this week I am off to go to Nationals, think of nothing, hang out, have fun, enjoy myself, make new friends, and have a life of my own. I need to have a life of my own.

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