Thursday, March 18, 2010

Excerpt from Phonogram Single Comic - Ode to Pipettes Girl

TAKEN FROM PHOGRAM THE SINGLES CLUB #6 OF 7"As soon as the Master Plan struck me, a second thought soon followed. I need [HER]. She has the sort of charisma that can turn a conceptual exercise like this into living magic. Everything she does; she sucks eyes; every dance floor a performance.Misogynist ideas like Enchantresses were begat by people's responses to women like[HER].She is immaculate and monstrous and perfect.

She moves as if she were born to it.aloud is her medium. She was born to it and swims in it and lives in it and I can only think about how, if I stepped beside her, I'd drown. The song is hers.Words like Angel and Goddess are too small for what is contained in her as she moves and shimmies and chases the air as the air chases her. if I looked around, I know I'll find others transfixed. But who would look around?

...She has no need of my project. How could she when she has this? As the song ebbs away, a man joins her. She smiles. He moves with her, but only in the way that deep space moves with the stars. He is merely the presence where she is not."

This excerpt exemplifies me I think. Or else what I would like to think of me. I have heard before being near me and in my presence is like magic. My energy I give off is like fire. I don't know if I trulky am this. I guess if I knew, if I truly thought I was like this then that wouldn't make me who I am and that would be this. So if this is the me that I think I am, am I really?

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