Friday, July 30, 2010

Misunderstood ME

Why am I always the one who mis understood?

Why is it always "i" who misunderstood "them" Why isn't it that "they" misunderstood "me"?

It irritates the heck outta me that Scott, Jason, Paul, Justin, other guys my family my friends always say that is is me. What the heck?

Last I knew I was a smart, intelligent individual able to communicate well. I speak fast, and type fast and don't like to spell check, but I UNDERSTAND JUST FREAKIN FINE ALREADY!!! that I have

I think the next time someone says that to me I am going to say to them "Maybe it is YOU who is the one who is misunderstanding?hmmm?" and if they continue to argue I literally am going to just walk away from them and not say a word

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