Sunday, October 09, 2011

Broken Barbie

I was reading in my devotional today and she was talking about deformed and broken Barbie dolls.

It hit home in so many ways I wanted to share it with you. One of the feet was chewed off of a Barbie she received as a gift.

This made me think of the Dexter doll-all taken apart and tied in little bows.

It made her think of herself and thus made me think of me.

Especially the Dexter doll. (Seriously)

It made me think of KSM.

It made me think of the blogger who writes on Voice of Truth.

It made me think of others girls and boys, women and men who are broken because of things that have happened to them in their life.

Like my friend CRG and his wife J.

We are those among the many, who think we are the few. There are more out there like us than you realize. Whenever I think of being broken, I think of this song by Matthew West....

Broken Girl by Matthew West

The devotional talks about being spiritually broken, but I think there are so many levels of brokenness that is just ONE of them.

The Barbie in this case is perfect in every way with the exception of the gnawed off foot. It makes me think about how the foot got gnawed. The story talks about a dog who did it, but let me tell you-in my life, in things I have been through...I would have gnawed off my own foot to get away from my broken life, to get away from the things happening to me at that time. I am sure many of you who can empathize with this, might just feel the same way.

She is mostly healed now, not perfect but better.

In her words she "...may walk with a spiritual limp, but thanks to God who holds [her] up at least she can walk."

 I may have a few crutches, I may have had my foot (so to speak) in a cast, I have even been laid up under the covers hiding out, but now...I too can walk.

I might walk with a limp every now and then...but at least I am walking and sometimes....I run. :)