Monday, October 10, 2011

Declaration of You-Final Declarations (and my thoughts on the subject)

I posted nearly the same thing on the DOU page but I felt it worthy to reiterate then here. With a  few final words from me about this course at the end. (If you just want to read what I have to say about this class please go to the end)

Ok so enough blathering (blath blath)...

Here are my Final Declarations:

I declare...

Enthusiasm: By doing things that make me happy make me tick.

Uniquity: I am unique because I am not afraid to be authentic and not afraid to be me!
Intention: To make my life count. Live for each moment. Be the best I can be. Live life for myself. Allowing myself to be worthy, open my life to receive, , let the universe give me the things I desire, change my way of thinking to receive, I INTEND to Receive. (GIK Word for the year-Receive)

Self-Care: I will take care of myself by by taking care of me and remembering to do things for myself and that is is ok to do things for me

Success: To remember to follow my passion because if I remember to follow my passion, true success will follow. People will desire to help me and give me what I need. Money will flow in as needed.

Money: Money adds value to my life by allowing me the opportunity to reach my Intention Goal of Happiness by giving back to myself once in awhile. Money will flow as long as I allow myself to receive it, don't stress out about spending it and remember what you send out comes back to you, spend it to get it. :)

Celebration: It's important for me to remember the little things as well as the BIG accomplishments. Not just along the way but  to think about the reward WHEN we make the Goal, THEN follow through with our Celebrations as well as our Intentions for them.

Trust: I can trust my Truthteller. I trust that I will Receive the knowledge I need at the right time that will help me achieve the things I desire to Receive. Believe in trusting myself & trust myself to Believe in me.

I really enjoy7ed this course. Taking this course actually helped me realized things about myself I didn't know, things I needed to re-hear, things that I forgot mattered to me, things I didn't know mattered to me, and affirmations to take with me moving forward.

I reconized this has been the year of E-courses for me.

I recognized how much I have learned from all of them, how much I love them, and how much I relish in these learning experiences.

I suggest to this to Everyone. Yes EVERYONE. It is worth $99. It is helpful for all facets of life. It is not just for Entrepreneurs, people who own their business, people who want to own their own business. It is not just for the one who likes to share, it is for those who like to read others who share. It is not just for the outgoing, outwardly or outspoken. It is for the introvert, the shy person, the person who is meek. It is NOT just for women. It is for MEN-WOMEN and I think it would be great for TEENS even!

I have wanted to take this class for some time this year and I am glad I finally did! I also bought Jessica's Goal Intention Kit (which you don't have to do) and signed up for Jessica's Website and Michelle's "When I Grow Up Coach" blog and received "Pounding the Pavement".

Both of these which I read, poured over and did every lesson, note, quote and exercise possible.

Please consider Declaration of You for yourself. I feel it is the BEST investment you could make...because it is investing in YOU. :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with the world, Trisha!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the course and had so many a-ha moments. :)