Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to spend your time?

Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to spend your time?

By Implementing "Project Trisha"...which is...

To promote what I love not bash what I hate (or dislike)by doing I Heart Hump Day every Wednesday

I Heart Hump Day CLICK HERE

To grow, mature, strengthen, evolve (Read blogs and take courses from-Andrea Owen, Danielle La Porte, Stephanie St. Claire, Amelie La Chance & others)

To learn new skills (Archery,Gun Training, Skeet Shooting, Rock Climbing, Dog Walking, Fencing, French, CB Radio Certification, etc)

To heighten skills I currently have (Drawing, Sketching Daily, Art Journaling, Inking, Painting)(Also take online classes I have been wanting to do Digital Art, Faces, Digital Coloring) Maybe show in a gallery

To get back to exercise I enjoy (Walking, Jogging, Pilates, Preparing for a Run)

To get back to my Photography (BW film for film camera, take and develop BW photos, publish, maybe show in a gallery)

To help a friend, be there for someone because I WANT to be not because I NEED to be or they NEED me or I NEED them, just because I can, I am, and I do

To get back to my spiritual goals (Reading scriptures, recognizing what they are, being strong enough to stand up for those goals, spiritual training)

To get back into a Recovery Program for Co-Dependency (Celebrate Recovery)

To learn to relax, take naps, breathe, yoga, meditation

To enjoy my time with my gal pal here in Colorado, whatever that may be, whenever that may be that we are doing it, and however and whenever it is what we do, where we go or how we are, with or without each other

To is a Show...We can either run around screaming "I want my money back" or we can just "Enjoy the Show"

So in the end...I want to spend my time...

Enjoying the Show