Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Trisha-Get Fit and Be Healthy

One of the things I am doing in my Project Trisha effort is working on my Health. In Soar we had these cute little designs about Weight, Health, Getting Fit and so on. I decided to add what I am doing as a part of Project Trisha to Get Fit and Be Healthy.

Here is my Get Fit and Be Healthy Map and these are the things on it that I am working toward getting fit as well as doing new things I have always wanted to do that go hand in hand

The center says "On my way to a NEW me!"
 H2O-Aqua, Agua...Water-Drink tons and tons of water. Here in Colorado the altitude is much higher and I need to take in much more water than usual to acclimate. In addition to that water flushes out your system and keeps toxins out of my system. Water is healthy and keeps my skin look fresh and radiant. I even now keep water by my bed and drink water in the middle of the night, sometimes almost half asleep, but it has really helped me feel better.

b- I now take Magnesium to supplement my bones as well as stave off my migraines. Magnesium is even better for me than Calcium. I also take St. Johns Wort, a B6/B12 sublingual and regular B12. My favorite vitamin?...My Flinstone multi vitamins..

Get Back to: Pilates and Yoga- I have been waking every morning doing my stretching Pilates and then after I take my vitties, I do my morning Yoga mediation to start my day... thoughts I include are:

Think Happy
SMile from within
Think Relaxed
Be calm and carry on
Think Healthy
Visualize myself fit and healthy and lean

I have taken on a new jaunt, so to speak I have really come to enjoy and are trying to do more if it...

Dog Walker

These are my two dog walking buddies:


Tuck before groomed
Tuck after groomed
I won't lie, Dodger is my favorite, but then he is 15 years old, calm and doesn't care about much.
Tuck is 1 year old and way too bouncy even for me.  But I am also learning how to train them, condition training to keep them away from and not pester you know who...yep you guessed it...

All of which has been quite the learning experience for me because I haven't ever been a dog owner and I haven't been around dogs much in my life. So, in addition to training them, I feel like I am training me too! LOL! I am learning to walk them, take care of them and also train them as I said.

The walking them is good for them and good for me. Walking is a strong part of the Paleo Diet I am now on with Robb Wolf at I don't know if I will be able to fully cut carbs out but the eating habits are good for me and better for my health and weight loss and the ability to tone and trim.

So far the Get Fit and Healthy plan has been going well. One day and one week at a time, but so far so good. More on Project Trisha yet to come! Stay tuned... :)

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