Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Amazing Things Happening Here in TrishaTrixie Land

Wow, where do I begin. So many amazing things have been happening that I actually don't know where to start. So let me start by saying, How wonderful it is when one sees their dreams, goes for it and achieves them. I feel so empowered and I feel like I can do anything, take on anything and conquer the world!!

A few weeks ago I started an amazing new course called The Bad Ass Broad by Stephanie St. Claire from Even before I started I began gearing up for it. I made a Bad Ass Collage Board, I made a Playlist called Stronger  that helps me feel strong and pumped up, and I told my mind "Get in gear baby, because a bigger badder stronger you is going to come out of this class!" One of the main focuses Stephanie talks about is things we say YES to and I want to share with you these great things in my life. Yes to being a BAB and Yes to Stephanie and Yes to Blissbombed!

I also was doing SOAR (though I have slacked a bit with other things going on) but this has helped me to remember to Stretch Out and Risk. I learned how to shoot guns, walk dogs and do so many things I wanted to do while in Colorado when I got away for a bit. Yes!

I began getting my brain back on track to live MY life for me and do the things I want to do. I am a risker and a leaper. I am fearless and brave and courageous. I had a melt down a few months ago in my life and I allowed it to effect me. But now, I am back on top, swinging and popping and taking leaps again...even bigger leaps I never would have taken. Yes!

That's how all these amazing things started happening!! Yes yes yes!

I reached out to the Des Moines Art Center as soon as I heard there was a show that they were looking for Original art to sell for their Art Crazy Fundraiser! I have wanted my art in a Gallery for some time and I want it to sell. Since this meets both of those Amazing things I offered and they accepted. This Saturday I turn in my work and the Party will be April 26th. I can't wait to watch others looking and buying my art!!YES!

When in Colorado I started a Body Sculpting course. When I came back I searched over and over for these things so I could stay fit. I tried a JAzzercise but it didn't quite fit. I ended up getting a Zumba workout for my Wii and fell in love! I also converted the basement to a mini gym and art studio mix so I can have my own level of enjoyment. There is a new Treadmill there and I moved the Training bike down there as well. Fun fun work out and creating in one...Lots of Energy! YES!

Two days ago I met with a friend I have a Join Venture with at Life Coach Iowa. He and I set up regular weekly time to have Accountability Sessions!  It is like having a work out buddy for your life and brain! Now we each have an Accountability Partner...each other! Yes!

On top of that he asked me to be his first Guest Author and I just wrote my first post on his site! Life Coach Iowa Blog! YES!

A way I love to love people is to give to them. I love giving. I love giving of my thoughts, my energy and my time if I have it. I know what I send out comes back to me, so I know in one way or the other the universe will repay so they don't have to.

One of the things I try to give away of my time is time for my friend's little girl C. She is almost 3 years old but is smart as a whip like a 5 year old. Girl after my own heart and style! YES! Betsy, her mom is a Licensed and practicing HypKnowTherapist and does these amazing HypKnowTherapy sessions. Recently she has needed someone to watch C so she can finish up w a Weight Loss Group Session and a  few other clients. I love spending time with C and since I came back in town, I didn't mind helping out.In fact I wanted to and cherish the time with this sweet little girl. YES!

One Betsy thanked me the other day by buying a Ghiardelli Chocolate and Caramel Big bar! YES! Now before you crack up laughing at how excited I am about this, understand that I get migraines so I don't ALLOW myself to have much chocolate, as well I love caramel. I hugged it to my chest and said thank you emphatically! Yes! Then to top it off, for helping now and then I was GIVEN a session to relax me and "Release Negative Relationships". No names were used so it was associated with anyone, and my subconscious will do the filtering. The session went great and I was out ina matter of minutes, which means my subconcious did all the work to listen! YES YES!

I also started dating again and enjoying the company of men after not dating for "4 months"! I am on a few online sites and wouldn't normally go that route. But from someone who used to OWN a dating website I know there may be creeps but there actually are some pretty decent guys out there. Just being able to talk to men, even online was a challenge at first, but little by little my courage was up. When out one night I asked a guy to call me and he did though he was taken he said he felt honored. It made me feel good to know that he was respectable enough to call and say thanks for the thought. Last week I went on my first date since the DRAMA and it was a fun group date I really liked and I ended up meeting someone else in the process. His attentions on me lately have been helping and encouraging allowing me the freedom to get to know other men and see them for their good qualities.  YES!

Lastly, I have my own business and I do my own thing most of the time, but sometimes to fill a financial gap or work with people and get some "adult" time, I take on new contracts to go work as a Freelancer for a company. Yep, you guessed it! I got a new contract for the next 6 months. YES YES!

My world is filling up with YESES!! I love it!! Things are flowing and moving and growing here in TrishaTrixieLand and I am loving every bit of it. I an owning my power again! Yes! I am risking and branching out! Yes! I am doing things I love and learning new things to see if I love them or not! Yes!

I feel so empowered and feel like I could pow pow my way through anything! Thanks for reading about all my great, amazing and wonderful things!! More great news to follow I'm sure.

Hugs and Air kisses, Muah!

Trisha Trixie

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