Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What's your Relationship to SIlence? The Burning Question

What's Your Relationship to Silence ask Danielle La Porte?

For me, I have the hardest time with silence.

The first thing that comes to mind is a song by Depeche Mode called "Enjoy the Silence" and I feel bad thinking I SHOULD enjoy the silence but I don't. I don't enjoy it. My mind wanders and I hate it. I fill it with many thoughts of what others are thinking. What people think about me. What people are thinking about their day. What people are thinking about my Art, my business, etc.

I think about other stuff too. What things I still need to get done. What things I WANT to do still. My mind races at I think like 10,000 miles an hour. I have been told my mind is like a Japanese motorcycle-super fast! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

I find it VERY hard to slow my mind down. When I try to meditate it takes all my might to focus on one single thought. Because I do not enjoy the silence.

If I am speaking with someone and there is silence, it drives me insane. I want to fill it. I find it hard to just be still and let the silence happen between us. IT is very rare that I find that silence "comfortable".

But there are times, rare times and moments when I do enjoy it. But it is generally when I have a migraine and I want to hear NOTHING. No lights, no sound, no nothing.

OR in the shower, but that is a different silence. That is the desire to hear only the sound of the water. So it is not PURE silence.

But it is as silent as I get. The shower is my silent solace. IT is as silent as I like to get....

So what about you? How do you handle SILENCE?hmm???


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Great question Trisha :) I'm like yourself in that most of the time when I am alone my mind is running 100 miles an hour with lists, dialogue, doubt, thoughts, blah, blah. This often keeps me awake long hours into the night. I have always struggled with being out to "switch off."
    In the shower I'm afraid my mind still runs off...
    For me... the most successful method to still my mind is actually to read. I dont know if you have noticed however reading is only a single dialogue in our minds. We have to still everything else to retain what we are reading. This is my silence. And this is also my bliss. I'm a book-tart... I just love books and love to read :)

    1. That's wonderful. I did comment on your other posts but I commented not replied. Sorry. Thanks for listening. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to thin air...