Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I forgot...

This blog thought provoked by two blogs:

One by my wonderful blogger friend I follow Carolyn Rubinstein and who led me to number two Jen Lemen's What I Forgot Blog. A few other comments made me want to write down and share with you and may be inspire YOU to share, what YOU forgot about you.

What I forgot...

  • How I loved to draw (til this year)
  • How much I loved balloons
  • How much I love bubbles
  • How much I loved skipping to places I was going
  • How much I love rising on shopping carts
  • I much I love playing peekabo
  • How much I love playing Hide and Seek ( why did we have to stop just because we grew up?)
  • How much I love CHARMS Blow Pops-Especially Watermelon is my favorite flavor
  • How much I love Sweet Tea
  • How much I enjoy taking photos- mostly Black and White film
  • How I am really good at getting people to give me things (for fundraisers and non profits mostly, but really anything)
  • That it is okay to say NO once in awhile
  • How easily I GROK with some people and how I really conflict with the rest of the world for being different
  • How unique I REALLY am
  • How much I love to BAKE (cookies, candies, Christmas goodies)
  • How much I enjoy making videos montages
  • How sick I am of boxes (putting things into boxes, taking things out of boxes, putting boxes in truck, taking boxes out of trucks, etc)
  • How easily I trust
  • That as much as I want to I can't trust everyone
  • How much I love to write 
  • How much is such a part of my life
  • That the pain doesn't last forever
  • Broken hearts take time to heal and that mine is still processing
  • How to love a man (or at least I feel like I forgot that part)
  • How tender my heart really is and I shouldn't' wear it on my sleeve so carelessly
  • The most important things I often forget is to to remember to love God and love myself

SO what have YOU forgotten lately that you would like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts? Here or on my Facebook?

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