Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Make a Choice for Happiness: Negativity BE GONE!

Lately I have noticed how negative things are Facebook. I scoured around Google Plus and other Social Media to see if I was seeing the same results. Funny thing, I did NOT. It seems that only on Facebook was I seeing hostility, anger, frustration and So so much negativity.

I am tired of seeing sick dogs, sick babies, fires, crashes, divorce, political comments, bitching, whining, moaning ,and you name it on the negative line. Maybe people think taking a Facebook break is being an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand, but if I don't watch the regular news, why oh why would I want to relive it all on FB? I don't.

What happened to all the happy people? where are the positive posts? What about "promoting what you love instead of bashing what you hate?"

Where did all the happy people go?

I realize we live in 2014 and things aren't what they told us it would be. I realize people have heartache, despair, anger, anguish and more. I know people want to help those afflicted, hurt, pained, and so on.

I also realize, it is a choice.

For those who know me I have had my fair share of SHIT happen to me, around me, and about me.  I could just as easily be a negative person, being the bitching type.  However, I choose to be uplifting and positive. I wish to wake with a smile on my face. I wish to smile at others and do good deeds. I wish to live my passion instead of working for another. I make positive choices daily, hourly and even minute by minute.

It is not that life does not happen to me, because oh hell yeah it does. I ge shit on more than anyone I know. That's how it seems to go with positive nice people. To others they are viewed as doormats. Not to all, but some.

When those things happen, I make a choice.

Sometimes it is to let it roll off my back and develop a thick skin about it.

Sometimes, I give it the time needed to allow it to affect me, learn from it, then move on.

Sometimes, I acknowledge it for awhile.

Though in the end, I move PAST it.

Misery loves company. You want others to feel your pain. You want to know someone understands you, gets you, has been there before.

But how about putting a Positive twist on it. It is ok to share your life, but why dwell on it? What does dwelling do? Nothing.

Negativity only allows more negativity and that also can affect your health, your life and your relationships.

Because of the negativity I have seen on Facebook I have tried other options.

I have been posting on my Gratitude a Day page and ms Courage. I have focused on other areas of FB and not looked at my feed. But even with that, I still keep seeing negativity on pages and groups.

Years ago, there was NO Facebook. and you know what....??? We all survived. We managed to stay in contact. We managed to share with each other and connect and even sign onto places without using FB info.

So I'm taking a Fb break. I am being super selective with what things I look at and who I interact with and am taking a break.

No more jumping onto Fb first thing in the morning.

I am making a choice.

Make a choice for happiness.

I am, will you?

Until next time,
Xoxo Trisha Trixie

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