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Wedding Thoughts: Registries

In planning my upcoming wedding there are a few things that to this day astounds me.One of which is Gift Registries. In the day and age that we live in, it amazes me that people are still doing registries in this old archaic fashion. My man and I have lived together for a few years. We already have merged many of our belongings etc and tossed away a lot. I know many others who live this way too. Are there really people who still register for items like it is 1950? As a Vintage Model I am intrigued by this thought because, seriously, when I saw this list from Wedding Wire I burst out loud laughing and saying out loud "Who registers for all these items anymore?"

Look below to see the DAUNTING list I am referring to...then scroll past it to read the rest of my comments ...

Registry Checklist

Make sure your registry includes all of the things you need with the following list:
Dining Room
Home Accessories & Electronics
Cleaning Supplies

Bedroom    Register for bedroom linen items per bedroom
 Accent pillows
 Bed Skirt/Dust Ruffle
 Comforter or duvet
 Duvet cover
 Euro shams
 Fitted sheets
 Flat Sheets
 Mattress pad
 Pillowcases (set of two)
 Standard shams
Dining Room
Formal China
 5-piece place settings (Dinner, salad, bread plates, teacup and saucer)
 Coffee pot
 Coordinating accent plates for salad or dessert
 Covered butter dish
 Covered casseroles
 Covered vegetable bowls
 Gravy boat
 Large vegetable bowls
 Pasta bowls
 Platters - large
 Platters - medium
 Platters - small
 Rimmed soup bowls
 Salt and pepper shakers
 Serving bowls
 Soup tureen and ladel
 Sugar and creamer set
 5-piece place settings (Dinner and salad forks, tablespoon, teaspoons and knife)
 Butter knives
 Cake and pie server
 Gravy ladle
 Pierced spoons
 Salad servers
 Serving forks
 Serving spoons
 Silverware chest
 Sugar spoon
 Iced beverage glasses
 Red wine glasses
 Water goblets
 White wine glasses
 Bar tool set
 Champagne flutes (or purchase one pair to us at your wedding)
 Coaster set
 Cocktail shaker
 Double old-fashioned glasses
 Highball glasses
 Ice bucket
 Ice tongs
 Margarita glasses
 Martini glasses
 Pilsner glasses
 Punch bowl and cups
Table Linens
 Cocktail napkins
 Dinner napkins
 Luncheon napkins
 Napkin rings
 Table pad
 Table runner
Everyday Dishes
 5-piece place settings (Dinner, salad, soup bowl, teacup and saucer)
 Covered butter dish
 Covered vegetable bowl
 Gravy boat
 Open vegetable bowl
 Rimmed soup bowls
 Salt and pepper shakers
 Serving bowls
 Serving platters - large
 Serving platters - medium
 Sugar and creamer set
 5-piece place settings (Dinner and salad forks, tablespoon, teaspoon and knife)
 Hostess set
 Salad servers
 Serving fork
 Serving set
 Serving spoon
 Juice glasses
 Red wine glasses
 Water glasses
 White wine glasses
 Cookware set with 10 to 14 pieces
 10” frying pan or skillet
 2-quart sauce pan with lid
 3-quart sauce pan with lid
 6-quart stock pot with lid
 Broiler pan
 Casserole dishes
 Covered saute pans
 Double boiler with lid
 Dutch oven
 Fondue set
 Lasagna pan
 Omelet pan
 Roasting pan
 Roasting rack
 Steamer basket
 Wok/stir fry pans
 Bread knife
 Carving set
 Chef’s knife
 Kitchen shears
 Knife block
 Knife block set
 Paring knife
 Santoku knife
 Serrated knife
 Sharpening steel
 Steak knives
 Bread maker
 Coffee bean grinder
 Coffee maker
 Crock pot
 Espresso machine
 Food processor
 Hand mixer
 Immersion blender
 Panini press
 Pasta Maker
 Rice cooker
 Slow cooker
 Stand mixer
 Toaster or toaster oven
 Waffle iron
 Electric Can Opener
 Baking sheet
 Bread pan
 Cake pan
 Ceramic bakeware set
 Cookie sheet
 Cooling rack
 Glass bakeware set
 Half-sheet pan
 Jelly-roll pan
 Loaf pan
 Measuring cups
 Measuring spoons
 Mixing bowl set
 Muffin tin
 Nonstick bakeware set
 Pie plates
 Quiche pan
 Rolling pin
 Tart pan
Kitchen Accessories
 Basting brushes
 Bottle opener
 Cabinet organizer
 Can opener
 Canister set
 Cheese grater
 Citrus zester
 Cutting boards
 Drawer organizer
 Food-storage containers
 Garlic press
 Ice cream scoop
 Meat tenderizer
 Pizza wheel
 Salad spinner
 Salt and pepper mill
 Spice rack
 Tea kettle
 Trash can
Kitchen Linens
 Chair pads
 Kitchen mat
 Oven Mitts
 Pot holders
 Table pad
 Table runner
Bathroom    Register for bathroom items per bathroom
Bathroom Linens
 Bath mats
 Bath sheets
 Bath towels
 Hand towels
Bathroom Accessories
 Bath rug
 Electric razor
 Electric toothbrush
 Magnifying mirror
 Shower Curtain, rings and liner
 Soap dish or dispenser
 Tissue holder
 Toothbrush holder
 Tub mat
 Waste basket
 Water glass
Home Accessories & Electronics
 Air purifier
 Alarm clocks
 Cake Plate
 Candlestick holders
 Centerpiece Bowl
 Chip and Dip Bowl
 Divided Serving Tray
 Drapery hardware
 DVD player
 Flatscreen TV
 Framed art
 Picture Frames
 Throw blanket
 Tiered Server
 Wall clocks
 Wall mirrors
 Window treatment
Cleaning Supplies
 Garment cleaner
 Hand vacuum
 Ironing Board
 Steam cleaner
 Duffle bag
 Garment bag
 Rolling suitcase
 Barbecue grill
 Garden hose
 Gardening kit
 Grilling set
 Patio furniture set
 Snow shovel

I guess my man and I are just "New Wave" or "Futuristic " in thought about what would work for us...
We want to get an RV. With these new "CASH" registries, I think that might be a way to at least get some funds into the account to do so. Now, I know, I can hear you, CASH?? But that is SO< SO SO.....IMPERSONAL!! 

Is it any less impersonal than to buy a gift that isn't what the person wants? My man and I are trying to get RID of items in our home so we can move our belongings into an RV and live it in full time and travel and do what we want. I know compared to MOST RVers we are young. But there is a new generation of NOMAD RVers who ARE the age of us or younger and if they can do it, well why can't we.

This is a gift that would make us happy. A step to our dream. Living Free.

I would advise other couple not to allow the daunting nature of those registries to get to them. Register for what they want not what they THINK society wants them to register for.

Here are a few I am going through for us to consider

As well we decide that since we both have Kindles, use our computers, Like to buy things online, we chose Amazon for people to gift us Gift cards if they desire...

But mostly we prefer cash to go towards our new life together!

In the end, do what YOU want to do. Remember, it is YOUR special day...make it what you want it to be and thaty goes for registries too! 

Until Next time,
XoXo Trisha Trixie

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