Sunday, November 23, 2014

The One You Keep Trying to Forget

As I sit watching Gilmore Girls and it was the breakup scene. Loralei visits an ex and goes on this rant about all these random things then comes around to the fact that she couldn't tell Rory about how long it took to get over him because she isn't over him. 

This brings me to my thoughts. ..He's still the one I can't get over. Despite my current situation, despite past ex husbands , and boyfriends, him..he's the one I can't get over.

I think there's always that one. No matter how long or whatever you have been through, he's the one you still think about. We all have that one person that we will always still think about,is all I'm saying.

We tried to be friends. Nope.

I finally said I'm done,trying, to be something we said no to a long time ago. So the emails stopped.And I thought that was it.

Ha if only I we're so lucky.

No, I'm a sap. Like all those other saps. Like those saps you read about our see in movies. Yep, that's me.

I'll be fine, going about my business,then,something will happen...a show will make me think about it, or I'll pass by a picture he drew or like today, as I was posting to Google ,I saw that I was still following him I guess. There  was his picture. Him. That man. With that smile. In that hat. Looking there.


Why are there those people that do that to you.?!?

Le sigh...

Time to go back to reading Stephanie  St.Claire and Brave Girls and things that remind me that is ok and it will be ok and everything will be fine and is fine.

Positive messages.
Healing art.
And so on...
..and on...

Because you realize, there is nothing you can do and no matter what you do, you just have to face up to the fact that hes the one you haven't gotten over and you may never get over, and the fact that it is true does, in no way dimiinish the way you feel about the special someone in your life now or ever will because one thing is not the same as the other, it just it's so , and that's the facts!

But yet still,  though you do all those things, you just have to resign yourself to that acknowledgement and be ok with it, no matter what,  because no matter what, no matter what you do,  no matter what you say, or how many books you read, or blogs you write or what you draw or songs you sing or Mandalas you color, the facts are still the facts...

He's  the one you never got over and he will always be the...

The One You Keep Trying  to  Forget

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