Friday, January 02, 2015


I take notice... like when people tell me things like "I don't have time to ..." go to my event or do something for me, or talk to me...however, as I said I notice they DO have time to go to other things, talk to other people or do other things. I notice when they choose to spin their wheels on things that get them nowhere and I notice when they choose to not help me or my business to grow because to them, they don't see the growth potential that I do for myself AND for them.

Essentially what you are saying to me or another person when you do these things is that your priorities are different is all. People need to grow up and fess up and just say " I have different priorities than you and these other things are more important to me".

Those who don't go in my book (so to speak) and I remember who was here for em, who helped me, whose back I scratched and if they scratched  mine back, reciprocity goes a long way.

Failure to be reciprocal is the stopgate.

That old addage "Remember me when you get to the top or remember me when you get big...etc" welllll, you see I remember...oh yeah, I remember the good, the bad and the ugly.

Final line to me is "If you are there for me then I will be there for you."

Reciprocity Goes a Long Way...
Giving of it is remembered.
Lack of it is remembered too.

Trisha Trixie

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