Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Year of Me

I found this post about Speaking to The Audience of One...


and it really spoke to me.

It got me thinking about how when I first started this blog it was to be able to freely write. As the years went on, my post count went up and down however something I realized is that in 2011 when I had the highest posts, I was more at ease that year. I felt more connected to my life. I felt like I had overcome a lot and I felt whole.

I realized that in that year, I just wrote to write.

I didn't care who was listening it was just healing for me to write, to pour out my thoughts.

I miss that.

I think with all the Social Media we have forgotten what it used to be and where we used to connect.

Now we write in Tumblr and on Facebook Notes and such. The issue with that is to open yourself up so freely allows for hurt, rejection and the possibility of offending someone you had NO intention of offending just because what YOU said hit home to THEM.

Of course, there is still that chance if you allow comments on your blog (which I do) that you could have a little drama based on the comments, but remember, YOU control the response. You do not have to reply back to the haters or negative commenters.

But I digress.

Blogging shouldn't just be about who you are reaching, or if someone is going to click on some ad you are posting or if they comment back.

Like Chris says, Blogging for One can be exhilarating.

I think it is refreshing and eye opening.

It is like writing that letter you never intend to send.

It is Cathartic just in the writing alone.

You can also lock down a blog to be Private if you want and no one EVER has to see it but you.

No matter what your style, consider blogging for yourself.

I am.

I am going back to ME time.

Writing my thoughts, feelings and aspirations in my blog.

If you comment, you do.

If you decide to follow me, you do.

If you repost my blogs, you do.

Not to be rude or anything, but I don't care. And WOW how freeing it is not to care. To know that this year...

This year is the year of ME.

This is the year I get back to my soul.

This year is my year.

And I'm going to make it my year in every way I can. Starting with my Blog.

These are my days and As the Days Go By so will I write, share, conspire and connect....\

with me.

Until Next Time,

Miss Trisha

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