Sunday, January 10, 2016

One Step Away from officially Amazing....

A long time ago, ok more like three years ago, I had a Life Coach Susan Baronci Moe who decided to attempt to break a world record. I had not thought of something like this since I was a kid. I remember my school jumping rope for hours and soc hops that seemed to go on forever in these failed attempts. I thought, that is just what every school does. No biggee.

Flash forward to now, 2016. How often do you hear about people breaking world recording much less even thinking about attempting one? Not much huh?

Well, that was gonna change. I don't know why back in 2012 I didn't think of anything like this, but for some reason the idea of the Longest Running Mindfulness Coloring Event seemed unreal to me. Who would join? Who would participate? Would I be able to keep up? Would it even matter?

So back in October I applied with my idea. A representative informed me that that was not a regular record breaker so there was no reason not to try. Being teh fearless person I am, I said "What the hell" and gave it a go.

I created an event on Facebook listed here (if you want to see it) and then asked people to join me.

Like all Facebook Events, many were invited, only a few joined. Even less participated. Only a mere 28 but the 28 were solid and consistent with their comments, posting and engagement in the project.

Facebook won't let you have an event longer than a few months so I had to cut it off on December 31st, 2015.

Since all the things I do keep me busy, I finally came up for air long enough to submit the other half. So I just did and now I am waiting. Pending. Sigh...

But, you now what I learned from this?

Anyone can attempt to break a World Record. Any person, group, community, family, organization, etc you name it.  So why not try?

The worst thing that can happen is you don't break the record. The best this is, you tried. I mean, really, in common conversation how many of you can say "I know someone who tried to break a world record" WEll, guess what? Now you can! Guess I have attempted it.

Like I said, we are still in the waiting game, but the experience it left me with is astounding. 

Wanna feel like you can do anything? Attempt to break a world record. After that, you will feel like you can conquer the world....because you can!


Trisha Trixie :)

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