Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Bucket List for Life is Shrinking

I don't have your normal kind of bucket list. I don't care if I go skiing or ziplining or skydiving. Sure they sound cool, but no that's not my list.

My list

Leave a Legacy of Love (Working on it)

Help others create a life they can fall in love with (working on it)

Traditional Toastmasters DTM achievement (Complete)

Complete Dynamic Leadership Path in Toastmasters (Complete)

Complete Pathways DTM (One path left)

Learn the Ukelele (Learning. I can play Let it be already!!)

Live a simple life (pretty close but I want even simplier)

Let others I know I love them (ongoing) 

To make a difference in the loves of others... Starfish Story (Done. Ongoing)

Inspire the World (Ongoing )

I told my therapist this today. I realized this. I feel at peace about whatever happens in my life. I know I've impacted lives. I will keep doing all I can to help others in this world, to inspire others, to make a difference.

The biggest of these is love.

All I can do now is to be the best human I can be♥️ to Leave a Legacy of love

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