Sunday, April 26, 2020

Covid Journaling

Many people have suggested that during these times, especially that we journal or write things down and I have been going so hard and fast sewing masks and doing videos and FB lives and such that I forgot.

Tonight, when I was finally at my wit's end of frustration and started to breathe again, I pulled out the laptop and started typing my thoughts. It felt good.

I forget about this outlet, this blog so many times lately.

I really think I need to get back to it, esp now while all of us are going through so much right now.

I know I have followers who read my blog and some know me and some don't but I think you wouldn't be following me unless we connect somehow. Something I said, hit a note and you clicked follow.

I take that to mean that If I am feeling something or going through something, you might be too. If not, you might have empathy for another person going through something and see your life differently.

This blog is my outlet, but I share it with the world.

We will get through the Covid crisis together and maybe reading each other's blogs again will help us go back to a time when we used to do blog hops and instead of sitting in front of FB reading garbage, maybe we will read each other's copvid journaling and find a common ground.

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